Call for all artists: Submit a sketch, win a paddleboard with Red Paddle Co.

Photo: Red Paddle Co.

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In honor of World Ocean Day in June, Red Paddle Co. is hosting a World Waterways Design Challenge for big wins.

Are you looking for a place to channel your creative energy? Do you like paddling? Consider submitting a sketch in the world of Red Paddle Co. Waterway Design Challengeand you could win. And when we say win, we mean win big. Big like win-a-paddleboard.

Red Paddle Co. has had some limited edition designs in the past but nothing like that.

“We are very excited to be launching this limited design competition,” said Red’s chief marketing officer Charlie Green. “Our talented design team usually has the fun job of defining the look and feel of our 10’6 ″ ride board, but we can’t wait to see what visions our creative community has [it]. ”

How to enter, how to win

The rules for the Design Challenge are pretty simple. You must be over 18 years of age, you cannot submit a design with more than four colors (due to the way paddleboards are made), and it cannot be a design that is publicly submitted elsewhere.

Designers are asked to “raise awareness of the importance of conserving oceans, coasts, rivers, lakes, marine life and ecosystems around the world,” Red Paddle Co. added.

Woman in shorts from waist down paddling red and pink board on shallow waterThe Red Paddle 10’6 ″ ride board that is getting a makeover.

Submissions must be received by June 1, 2021The winners will be announced on June 17th. There is also a second, third and fourth place. Not interested in designing or winning a paddleboard? You can still participate by voting on the submitted drafts.

World Waterways Challenge: Charity Affiliate

Red Paddle Co. partnered with Love the Oceans Marine Charity for the design challenge. Love the oceansFounded by Francesca Trotman, the company is working to establish protected marine life near the base of Jangamo Bay in Mozambique.

Love the Oceans teams work in research, teaching, and conservation – and they use paddleboards to haul gear in their work!

Once the winning board is printed, Red Paddle Co. will send four boards to the organization to continue their conservation work along the Mozambique coast.

The final, limited edition board will be available in spring 2022.

Author Mary in long sleeves and red PFD paddle boarding across a shallow lake in British Columbia

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