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If you feel like improving your camping game and adding a wood stove to your bell tent camping setup, the Winnerwell Nomad is an excellent choice. Read on for our review

What is it?

Winnerwell Nomad 1G wood stove & stove

Expect to pay: At £ 329.99

Specialist dealer


  • Ideal for heating and cooking in compatible tents, recreational homes and for general outdoor use
  • Precision-made from 304 stainless steel that never rusts or corrodes
  • The door has an air flap and a glass window for fire protection and ambience
  • Flat side shelves give cooking versatility and also serve as a handle
  • Highly portable nesting legs and shelves can be folded flat to the stove body
  • The wide 4-leg design keeps the stove stable on uneven surfaces
  • Compatible with large and 3.5 inch Winnerwell oven accessories
  • Fuel type: Only dry, seasoned wood (not intended for burning coal)

Winnerwell Nomad stove rating

What's in the box

  • The furnace body
  • 5 chimney pipes
  • 1 spark protection
  • 1 ash scraper

What we thought

I did a lot of research before buying my oven because I knew I wanted to cook on it. I had previously used a small gas stove, which is impractical in cold weather when the gas stops working.

The environmental impact of single-use gas canisters must also be taken into account. While a wood stove still has an ecological footprint, it definitely feels more like a "back to nature" which makes my inner hippie happy.

I watched a lot of YouTube videos and looked at all the possible accessories that were available. I finally opted for a mid-size tent heater from Winnerwell Nomad. The stove is not only a beauty, it also offers cooking and hot water additives.

For the money (£ 329.99 at at the time of writing) you could probably have put a pipe cleaning brush and a carrying case in, but these are available as additional extras.

I bought some accessories, a folding oven, a kettle and a fireproof mat, as well as the blinking set so I can use it in my tent, a fire extinguisher and a carbon monoxide alarm. It all adds up, but I thought I would only buy it once and I might as well get what I wanted instead of paying a little less for something that didn't quite meet my specifications.

First impressions

It's pretty, oh man, it's pretty, but it's also incredibly well done. Fresh out of the box, it was a beautiful, high quality, shiny stainless steel hat that Winnerwell claims will never rust or corrode.

After a few burns, the tone changes to a softer, browned tone, which may be even more attractive. It has foldable side shelves that also serve as a handle.

The thing about these that I really like is that they fold flat with the stove so you can double your available cooking space and set pans aside to keep them warm. I also found that they also make a very practical clothes rack for wet tea towels!

The water tank is an addition, but in my opinion invaluable. A constant supply of boiling water when the stove is lit is a real luxury.

It is on top of the stove and hugs the stovepipe. This is the best place to cook it quickly. You can also put it to the side of the oven to keep the water hot and to open more cooking space.

The only problem I have with this is that the faucet will only give a slow trickle when you try to fill a sink. It takes some time and I would like a better tap. The water stays hot a long time after the last wood is burned, and while it may not be hot enough for a cup of tea, it is certainly hot enough to wash it a few hours later.

Winnerwell Nomad wood stove camping stove & range

I was advised to buy oven-dried hardwood for burning rather than the composite stones you can get. These bricks can burn quite sooty and clog the chimney pipes. Armed with my oven-dried birch, I tried to cook my first adventure with a wood burner.

I started baking some bread in the folding oven. The outside of the oven is equipped with a temperature display so you can see when the right temperature has been reached.

If you add more wood, the fire will cool down for a short time. I therefore recommend placing the oven on top of the oven as soon as you light the fire and then have the optimal time to cook.

I also found a cheap stove thermometer on Amazon that you can use to keep track of the firing temperature that you get when you are not using the stove. Apparently there is an optimal heat range, and going over or under it can lead to piping boiling down faster.

The disadvantages of using a wood stove for cooking are that you have to light it and wait for it to get hot instead of turning on the gas. Camping trips should be slower, so take your time and plan ahead. This may not be ideal if you are in a hurry to feed children or are back in your tent after a long hiking session.

Winnerwell Nomad wood stove camping stove & rangeThe oven on top of the main oven

It also requires constant monitoring to ensure that there is enough wood. Once it was lit, I would feel very insecure if I let it burn in my tent without being there to keep an eye on it.

You also have to deal with high heat in the tent, which is of course a bonus for camping in cold weather. Your bell tent is comfortably warm, but may not be ideal on hot days. Let's face it, I live in the UK, we don't get that many!

Another thing to note is that in strong winds, your chimney will be moved by the wave of your canvas. You should weigh down your stove with a heavy pan to calm down, or if it gets too bad you may not want to use your stove at all so that you can dismantle the chimney.

This will of course leave a hole in your roof in which your blinking kit is attached. However, this can easily be fixed with an empty pop bottle. Slide it into the hole you want the chimney to go into to seal the gap and stop rain or rain.

Winnerwell Nomad wood stove camping stove & range

The judgment

Would I buy the same stove and accessories again? Yes, without a doubt. You might think you could do without the water heater or stove, and you probably can, but why would you want to?

The Winnerwell Nomad is certainly not the cheapest stove on the market, but compared to cheaper models, it has a lot to offer and offers more practical functions than cheaper stoves.

For serious campers, families who want to cook in the oven when camping, and of course camping in cold weather, the Winnerwell Nomad is an excellent investment.

Winnerwell Nomad stove rating

DISCLOSURE | The presented product was bought privately. We were not paid to write this review.

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