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Would you like to go outdoors and spend a few nights under canvas? Many of us think of the 2021 camping season and long to spend time outdoors. But is now a good time to book when things are still so uncertain here in the UK?

We’ll discuss how to find the perfect campsite for you, how the pandemic is affecting pitch demand, and why you should consider booking.

Parkfuss, Ullswater

Here in the UK we are still under lockdown conditions and while the current guidelines are expected to stay in place until the end of March, we really don’t know if they will be extended beyond that date or if the rules will be relaxed to give us something Freedom to travel back.

This uncertainty will keep many people from booking until they know more, but while waiting may be prudent, it can lead to disappointment later in the year when it is time to get away.

Personally, last year we faced the challenge of finding campsites that still had spaces available in places we wanted to visit. So if you are planning on going for a weekend once the lockdown is lifted or if you have a week with the family this summer, now is the time to start planning and even consider making this booking to undertake.

Availability could be a challenge again in 2021

Last year we booked a campsite as soon as the rules in England allowed it. Most of our first few decisions were already fully booked and it took some hunting to make up for the few camping trips we did between locks.

Tackeroo campsite ratingTackeroo Campsite, Staffordshire

When we went camping in July we managed to get a spot on our favorite campsite, but it was through the skin of our teeth and I’ve never seen this particular campsite so crowded!

The global pandemic means the demand for camping sites has exploded. More people than ever are vacationing here in the UK using camping as a means of getting away from the homes we have been banished to for so long. This surge in demand meant that the most popular campsites in the most beautiful locations were quickly booked out last year.

Uppertown Farm Camping & Caravan SiteUppertown Farm Campground, Derbyshire

I don’t see the situation any differently this year, so we have already booked a campsite for May. We don’t know what the situation will be like, of course, but we thought it was worth taking a risk.

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Camping might not be as cheap as you think

For families new to camping, how much camping really costs can be a bit of a shock. Aside from camping gear, tents, travel and subsistence expenses, pitch fees can be substantial.

For those on a tight budget, you need to do your research first. If you’ve found an inexpensive campsite, this is probably why it’s popular. It is all the more important that you book early so that you don’t just have the more expensive campsites that may be unrealistic for your budget.

Castlerigg Campsite, Cumbria

I recently tried to book a campsite in the Mittelland – a campsite with EHU for just 2 nights in May (not one of the bank holiday weekends I should add) and I have to admit that I am shocked at the price.

It is certainly not uncommon to pay upwards of £ 35 a night for a pitch, especially in tourist hotspots in places like Cornwall and the Lake District. So keep in mind that depending on your location, camping can be more expensive than you might think it’s time to look into your options while there is still good availability across the country.

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Look for hidden gem campsites

Campsites with great facilities for children on the coast or near lakes and rivers, as well as in the most popular tourist destinations, always fill up quickly, but there are some amazing little gems of campsites across the UK.

Uppertown Farm Campground, Derbyshire

If you usually want to camp near a beach this year you may need to be a little more flexible and consider alternative locations to find a pitch, or you might be lucky with a popup campsite or new location that doesn’t attract a lot of attention.

Some of them may have terrible websites and may appear on page 5 of the search results or even on the website. Some only exist on Facebook and others are revealed in books like Tiny Campsites by Dixe Wills. Hunt the internet, ask friends, family and coworkers for recommendations, search Google Maps and you might find a Jem hidden!

Here’s how to choose the perfect campsite.

Check the booking conditions for the campsite

Most campsites have solid Covid policies and will either refund you the full amount or move your booking to another date. This means that even if you book now, if things don’t change or other restrictions continue to prevent travel, you won’t be out of your pocket. However, this is not the case everywhere. So be sure to check this.

Cae Du Farm coastal campsite Tywn WalesCae Du Farm coastal campsite, Wales

Note that some campsite booking engines charge non-refundable booking fees. So it may be better to book direct with the campsite you are planning to visit.

If you want to book a campsite, first visit

Plan your camping trips now and book a little earlier than usual, which makes a lot of sense this year. This could be the best way to make sure that you want a parking space in the place you want it on the dates you want it.

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