Cannondales Topstone: a gravel bike that can be utilized anyplace

Leave the city behind and record everything lurking in the next bend with the "Do-it-all" Topstone from Cannondale.

From an attack on your first gravel century to a multi-day bike packing adventure. The Topstone takes you almost anywhere without affecting performance. Choose your adventure and the Topstone will take you there.

Cannondale has developed the Topstone line with sporty handling, off-road traction and comfort for the whole day. REI calls the trip "light and lively, smooth and yet snappy". The all-round performance of the Topstone will bring your daily commuting and cycling adventures to life at the weekend.

Outstanding features of the Topstone line

  • Aluminum and carbon frame options
  • Carbon frames are equipped with Kingpin suspension
  • Available with Lefty Oliver 30mm front suspension
  • Dropper post-compatible
  • Ability to operate 700c or 650b wheels

Cycling has gained popularity this year. Sizes and styles fly off the virtual racks. If you want a bike, now is the time to buy one before it is sold out everywhere.

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 Cannondale_TopStone profile Cannondale Topstone AL 105

Cannondale's Topstone line is made with gravel in mind, but is built for more. This is a bike that thrives on winding gravel roads and can hang on your local singletrack. When you add a dropper post to the Topstone, you're ready for steep, restless descents on your favorite roads.

Why a gravel bike?

Gravel riding is one of the fastest growing segments of cycling. Driving on gravel removes much of the stress associated with cars, traffic, and traffic lights and swaps it for long, open roads and the sweet sound of gravel crushing under your tires.

While most of us cannot always ride gravel roads, we can ride gravel bikes at any time. This versatility is a big part of the appeal. Ride roads when you have to and seek adventure on your bike when you can.

In terms of design, ballast wheels optimize the geometry of racing bikes and provide more space for large tires. Some, like the Topstone Carbon, even include suspension.

For purely road-based adventures, changing tires to narrower slicks ensures faster driving. And while the geometry of ballast wheels is generally less aggressive than that of road vehicles, you can ride comfortably in a more relaxed position all day.

 Cannondale_TopStone_Shred2 Cannondale Topstone AL 105

Why the Cannondale Topstone?

For comfort and endurance, the frame geometry ensures that the rider stands upright like a conventional racing bike. As an additional bonus there will be more space for bikepacking bags.

There is a Multiple assembly on the down tube and Chefs to add water bottle cages, racks and other bags to the frame, top tube and fork. The rear struts contain a removable fender bridge.

Cannondale built the Topstone to accept an internally routed 27.2 dropper post when you want to ride gnarled trails and get the saddle out of the way.

The Topstone is available in several configurations with 700c or 650b wheels and a 30mm suspension fork made of hard carbon or Lefty Oliver.

Topstone AL 105

The Topstone AL 105 is an affordable all-round bike. This Topstone model is the entry-level version of this gravel line, but offers the functionality you need to get to where you are in no time.

The aluminum frame and carbon fork are combined with a Shimano 105 groupset with hydraulic disc brakes. It is offered in men's and women's models. It was a very popular bike this season and is currently out of stock. So come back soon.

Find out more about the AL 105

Topstone Carbon 105, Ultegra RX2 and RX

 TopstoneCarbonKingpin suspension for carbon models

Regardless of whether you are already a carbon converter or have been to the fence, keep in mind that the full carbon topstone has a completely different and unique rear suspension design.

The reason why it is only available for the full carbon topstone is that it uses the flexible property of the carbon material to act as a suspension.

The chassis, known as the Kingpin, uses a thru-axle pin in the seat tube, which allows the rear end of the bike to bend up to 30 mm and absorb shocks and chatter. This simple design offers a little comfort without the added weight and complexity of a standard shock and linkage setup.

The rise to carbon comes at a price, but you get a completely different bike with brand new technology.

The Topstone Carbon is available in three different construction configurations:

  • Topstone Carbon 105
    • Shimano 105 drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes
    • WTB ST i23 TCS tubeless wheels
    • WTB Riddler 700 x 37 tubeless tires
  • Topstone Carbon Ultegra RX2
    • Shimano Ultegra 2 × 11 drivetrain with hydraulic disc brakes
    • WTB KOM Light i23 TCS tubeless wheels
    • WTB Riddler 700 x 37 tubeless tires
    • Available in men's and women's sizes
  • Topstone Carbon Ultegra RX
    • Shimano Ultegra 2 × 11 drivetrain with hydraulic disc brakes
    • HollowGram 22 Carbon 700c wheels
    • WTB Riddler 700 x 37 tubeless tires

Learn more about the Carbon 105Get to know the Carbon Ultegra RX2. Find out more about the Carbon Ultegra RX

Topstone Carbon Lefty 3

When the gravel turns into a broken boulder field, the legendary Lefty fork adds some suspension to the front and turns the Topstone into a real full suspension machine. With the redesigned Lefty Oliver Gen 2 fork, the Lefty model has 30mm front and rear suspension to compensate for less traveled roads.

You also get the Shimano GRX 1 × 11 wide-range drive with hyrdraulic disc brakes. It comes with tubeless WTB ST i23 TCS 650b wheels and tubeless WTB Byway TCS Light 650 x 47c tires.

Learn more about the Carbon Lefty 3

Topstone Neo Carbon 2 and Lefty 3 Electric

Want more speed with less sweat? The Topstone is also available in two electrical support options. Both constructions have the same geometry and suspension as the non-electric Topstone, but contain a 250 W drive unit from Bosch Performance Line Speed, which is integrated in the carbon frame. The 500 Wh batteries have a range of approximately 70 miles when a short drive becomes a long adventure.

Choose between the NEO Carbon Lefty with 650b wheels and a 1 × 11 Shimano GRX drive or the Neo Carbon with 700c wheels and a 2 × 11 Shimano GRX drive.

Learn more about the Neo Carbon 2 ElectricLearn more about the Neo Carbon 3 Lefty Electric

Cannondale_TopStone-105 2x10 drivetrainCannondale Topstone AL 105

I sent one

The bike shops were cleared this spring, and finding these bikes in stock can be difficult. To help you, REI can send you one – and optimization is still going on.

Note: Delivered bicycles are delivered without pedals and require assembly with instructions. There is also a video from Expert advice from REI.

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