Central Virginia is planning a 41-mile path from Ashland to Petersburg

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When the Virginia Capital Trail was first proposed in 1999, critics derided the idea of ​​the 51.7-mile multi-purpose trail as being too ambitious and too expensive. Today the east-west path connecting Virginia’s first capital, Jamestown, to the modern seat of government, Richmond, is worried about overcrowding and now a sister path is in the pipeline.

The Capital Trail is not a waste of taxpayers’ money, but one of the most visited facilities in the state. The only other multimodal trail that receives more visitors annually is the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is working to replicate the success of the Capital Trail with a north-south orientation tentatively referred to as the Ashland to Petersburg (ATP) Trail.

The success of the VCT inspired VDOT staff and local officials in the area to explore a path that could become Central Virginia’s multimodal backbone. The proposed ATP Trail would stretch approximately 41 miles and pass through seven locations in central Virginia: the city of Ashland to the north, Hanover County, Henrico Counties, the city of Richmond, Chesterfield Counties, and the cities of Colonial Heights and Petersburg to the north South.

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