City Slicker to Survivalist: ust Exec opens on the way out


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Ust Gear has fundamentally changed its name over the past year. Hear a little about his story and how the new product from Brand Director Tony Galbreath was created.

Tony Galbreath is the Creative Director of ust. But he is also an avid nature lover Who comes from an improbable and urban background. His story is part of usts.

Especially with ust’s recently renamedIt is crucial that only creatives like Galbreath share their backgrounds, stories and goals in order to survive in a highly competitive market like the outdoor industry.

Ust, which stands for Ultimate Survival Technologies, used to be a survival-oriented brand offering products like flint strikers, tick wranglers, and waterproof emergency lights. Now the Brand has diversified, expanded to include tents, backpack equipment, storage cups and more.

This episode sheds light on Galbreath’s urban background and its unlikely path to thriving outdoors. Ust hopes it will inspire others to follow a similar path and come out and explore in new ways.

This video is part three in usts narrative series.

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