Colorado ski resorts need you to know earlier than you head out.

Photo credit: Curtis DeVore / Copper Mountain

The only sure thing about the 2020-2021 ski season is that nobody really knows what to expect. But Colorado ski resorts are starting to offer advice to local and visiting skiers.

Inbound’s ski resorts borrow a slogan of backcountry skiers as we approach uncharted territory for the 2020-2021 winter: “Know before you go.” This line hammered into the minds of backcountry skiers mainly concerned with avalanche safety applies directly to visiting a ski area this winter.

That’s because the ski season is going to be different from any other, with reservations for parking spaces, lift tickets only sold online and Requirements for the face mask. We caught up with Colorado Ski Country USA, an agency that represents 22 Colorado resorts, to learn more about what skiers should expect in 2021.

COVID-19 and skiing: recommendations from ski resorts

Chris Linsmayer, director of public affairs at Colorado Ski Country USA, said the number 1 thing skiers can do before going to a resort is to get online and educate yourself. Don’t just show up at the resort and expect to park a lot and buy tickets by the window! Here’s why.

  1. Sales and reservations are likely to be handled differently by different resorts. So what happens in one ski area does not guarantee the same result in another. Yes, this even applies to resorts with the same passport system and resorts with the same geographic area. Do yourself a favor and check again.
  2. Most ski areas require lift tickets, rentals and ski school lessons purchased in advance. This may not always be the case at every resort, but skiers should familiarize themselves with their options well in advance of an expected day of skiing and, if possible, shop online or by phone.
  3. Masks will be the norm in ski resorts that must comply with state and local regulations. In Colorado at this time, skiers should expect to wear masks on lift lines, on lifts, in restaurants, and in most other areas where people may congregate. Face masks may be required at all resorts at some resorts.
  4. Parking systems are likely to change. Park reservations are required for most resorts. You should therefore plan this in good time.

Ski resorts expect a strong season in 2021 despite COVID-19

Representatives from three ski resorts said they expect a healthy ski season and have seen solid sales and interest in customer visits.

“Our season ticket sales go over the roof. We hear that this year people want to come to the independent man. They don’t want to get into the rat race, ”said Dan Bender, Monarch Mountain’s director of marketing. He added that Monarch would require reservations on some weekends and holidays, but these would vary based on expected traffic.

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“We really recommend people plan before they come,” he said (which is good practice anyway).

Taylor Prather, communications manager for Kupferbergsaid Copper plans to open on November 30th. Copper will open its parking reservation system on Monday.

“We can only count on changes this year. We hope we can open up a lot of terrain and encourage guests to spread out, ”she said. Gone are the days of carpooling Packing into a crowded lift lineand gather at the mountain bars.

Aspen Snowmass public relations manager Xan Demas said Aspen elevators will be spinning on Thanksgiving Day. And just like at other resorts, it urged guests to go online and find out about the mountain’s new features.

“We’re working on capacity issues and eating a lot more outside. Our app is the point of contact for lift tickets, rentals, ski schools and all that jazz. Ticket desks are open when guests need them, but we’re encouraging guests to go digital this year, ”she said.

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