Courtney Dauwalter runs 283.three miles, setting the ultra-records in Massive Canine's yard

Photo credit: Courtney Dauwalter.

The 2020 Big Dog's brutal Backyard Ultra race went global (and much more exciting) – with a couple of new overall records.

This year's Big Dog & # 39; s Backyard Ultra, Due to the COVID-19, a slightly different running competition was held, which was hosted by the notorious race organizer Lazarus Lake. The race was held in groups organized by country and was staggered over the weekend from October 17th.

Every hour in different locations around the globea new group of runners would follow the line. In the US, 14 runners traveled to Bell Buckle, Tennessee to complete the laps. The line-up included Harvey Lewis, Courtney Dauwalter, Maggie Guterl (the 2019 champion) and Gavin Woody (the 2018 champion).

Runners loop a 4,167-mile route, with new loops beginning once an hour after a bell rings. No late starts are allowed and the winner will be the last person to complete a lap.

Big Dogs Backyard Ultra Winner

In the 2018 Backyard Ultra, Courtney Dauwalter was the runner with the longest lifespan – she ran 67 hours and 431 km and came second after the record holder Johan Steene.

This year, Dauwalter's hard work paid off – she became the last female runner and the second woman to ever win Big Dogs Backyard Ultra. And won the title for the first "Satellite" Backyard Ultra for the USA.

Dauwalter ran an impressive 283.3 miles in 68 laps for a target time of 56 hours, 52 minutes and 29 seconds. It was the longest mileage and the most laps that a runner drove in a race. Dauwalter is also linked to 2018 champion Johan Steene for most of the laps overall.

Last year runner Maggie Guterl became the first woman to finish the last runner's style race with over 250 miles in 60 hours.

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“It's hard to believe that in a week's time we will be preparing to start our US team to compete against other teams around the world. It's harder to believe that you can tune in anytime and see what's going on live! “Lazarus Lake posted an exciting week before the race.

The Ultra feed is streamed between starts Live broadcast from the various venues, statistical analysis, recorded interviews and more behind the scenes action. You can check out more race coverage Here and the results Here.

* *To update: Karel Sabbe from Belgium won the overall championship title in the backyard with 74 laps in a finishing time of almost 55 hours.

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