Covid Second Wave India: Is It Safe To Hike In The Himalayas?

W.While speaking with trekkers, we find that some of them are concerned that the second wave of Covid-19 is affecting their treks.

Many of them have planned hikes until August 2021.

We know that the biggest part of their concern is that they don’t have a realistic picture of what is going on in the trekking world.

So we made a video that answered 5 of the trekkers’ biggest concerns.

  1. Are treks running normally?
  2. Should I do a Covid test before my hike?
  3. What if there is a lock before my hike and I have to cancel my hike at the last minute?
  4. What is Indiahikes doing to protect me?
  5. What if a nationwide lockdown is announced while I’m out and about?

The video gives you a good idea of ​​what to expect in all of these aspects. Look here:

If you have any questions outside of these five, don’t hesitate to ask.

Just write a comment on this page and we will write back to you.

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