Cozy enough: Big Agnes ‘expands’ sleeping bags with additional comfort

Big Agnes is targeting RVs with new models of its expandable mummy bags that allow you to customize the fit to your body type and sleeping style.

If you feel cramped and cramped while camping, you can conflict with your sleeping bag. To resolve this conflict, Big Agnes makes sleeping bags that expand on the sides to provide up to 10 inches of clearance.

Big Agnes made his debut last year Torch light series of expandable mummy bags and received a lot of praise, including a Best of What’s New 2020 award from Popular Science.

Our own editors have awarded the Torchlight UL with the Best women backpack sleeping bagwith reference to the customizable setup based on the “very beautiful and non-catchable zippers on each side”.

The new Torchlight Camp models follow in these footsteps with car camping and the occasional backpacking trip in mind.

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Enlarge your large Agnes sleeping bag

One reason campers prefer mummy bags is because the shape allows less air between their body and the bag. The bag has less space to keep it warm. (Refresher: Bodies create warmth and insulation keeps them around.)

Campers who have broad shoulders or want to spread their legs a little while sleeping are likely to find limbs banging against the side of a mummy bag.

This is where the expandable parts of the Torchlight bags come into play. Each side of the bag has zippers from the shoulder to the footwell that provide up to 10 inches of additional interior space.

Broad-shouldered people can open the top and leave the foot box in full mummy mode, while sleepers who clump in different positions throughout the night may choose to do both.

Similarly, the women-specific bags have a less drastic taper from shoulders to hips (and hips to feet) to prevent air pockets from becoming cold spots.

The extension plates are insulated so you will not experience any heat loss if you adjust them to your liking.

Big Agnes Torchlight Chart 2020

Torchable Expandable Sleeping Bag Highlights

Since the total weight of the bag is less important, the Torch camp Models use different insulation than the UL and regular models. FireLine Pro synthetic insulation is designed for a high attic to retain body heat, but has high compression for packability. That also keeps the price lower.

In both heat ranges there are standard and women-specific sizes – 20 degrees and 35 degrees. Big Agnes modified the shell fabric and lining with a PFC-free water-repellent finish.

Torchlight Camp series Highlights

  • Jacket-style jacket for a comfortable fit around the head and face
  • Expandable sidewalls can add 5 inches to the width of each side (10 inches total).
  • Fireline Pro synthetic insulation
  • Combine bags with left and right zippers
  • Train combat collar, zippers and hood
  • Women-specific forms

Big Agnes Torchlight Camp mummy bag side view

Camping, not cramps

Big Agnes, headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is celebrating 20th anniversary designing and testing camping equipment. It has put that experience into its new sleeping bags to update the outdoor experience for those who felt too restricted by traditional bag shapes.

Just in time for spring, the latest addition to the Torchlight series offers the mobile homes the convenience options of the extendable side walls. The new bags from Torchlight Camp are a worthy addition for new campers as well as campers who have found themselves in the middle of sleep with their mummy bags in battles.

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This article is sponsored by Great Agnes. Learn more about Torchlight Expandable Mummy Bags Here.

This expandable sleeping bag offers adventurers a custom fit

This expandable sleeping bag offers adventurers a custom fit

New from Big Agnes, the expandable Torchlight range of sleeping bags has a unique fit system in a lightweight, efficient mummy. Continue reading…

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