Crashed on the Pacific Crest Path

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How do migrants find the will to walk another mile when they wake up broke, broken, and far from home?

We usually focus on the joys of a long distance hike. We tell ourselves that the pain will dissipate in a march of panoramas from Mexico to Canada. But the truth about wandering through is that it’s brutally physical.

This excerpt from the recently published Journeys North by Triple Crowner and PCT Trail Angel Barney “Scout” Mann follows his hike north through the Pacific Crest Trail in 2007, following his experiences and those of fellow hikers Blazer, Dalton, Ladybug and 30-30.

Their stories trace the fame of the trail, but don’t look away from the fear, money problems, and injuries that underpin the experience. And every hiker will recognize the bonds that bind this tour group.

Those considering a long distance hike should know that there are thousands of miles to walk to tackle both the season and the developing doom of the body. Every mile has to be earned until there is something reliable in the body or mind at some point. But it’s what hikers do next that defines their hikes – and themselves.

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