Danny MacAskill Rocks (and Rolls) ’80s Hair Band BMX Stunts


In this parody video, four ‘Drop and Roll’ professional BMX street team riders take their skills to the stage.

Mullet helmets. Wailing handlebar solos. Lots of air. Danny MacAskill, Fabio Wibmer, Duncan Shaw, and Ali Clarkson teamed up to produce this hilarious heavy metal “parody” performance.

And it’s everything you could hope for — all the aspects of a great concert, except the band members are on bikes.

Think bright stage lights, a loud electric guitar, and leather jackets (and pants). And then add in 180s, 360s, bar spins, and any other BMX stunt these riders attempt to pull on stage.

It’s all about details: amp jumps, a roaring crowd in cutoff denim jackets, and the timing of jumps with the beat of the music.

There’s an especially cool midair keyboard stunt, but we’ll let you experience that for yourself.

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Mary Murphy

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