Decathlon starts Second Life and encourages us to recycle and repair

Decathlon UK is pleased to announce the launch of Decathlon Second Life on Tuesday March 23rd. This is a new sustainability initiative where Decathlon will recycle, repair and reuse sports equipment to give products a second life.

Decathlon firmly believes that our planet is worth protecting and that too much is being thrown away today instead of being recycled, repaired and reused. Second Life prevents products from going to waste and greatly reduces the impact Decathlon has on the environment.

After listening carefully to the values ​​and voices of her customers and employees, she hopes to reinforce those voices and inspire positive change for the planet and its people.

The Decathlon Second Life collection can be purchased in-store and on their e-commerce platform. This experimental project begins with Softstart, which focuses on refurbished bikes, fitness equipment, weights, tents, scooters, kayaks and SUPs. As the project develops, Decathlon plans to introduce more sporting goods, apparel and textiles in the near future.

Every Second Life product is overhauled by a team of experienced technicians and subjected to a rigorous condition assessment process before a grade from A to D is awarded. This means that Decathlon can continue to offer you all of the original Decathlon promises, warranties and guarantees as a brand new product purchased from Customers can therefore rest assured that all Second Life products can be enjoyed today and tomorrow.

The rating system is also used to assign a price to each product. Class A products with very light markings are available at a 10% discount compared to buying the product as new. The discount tier then increases in 10% increments until you reach Class D products that may have required replacement parts and a 40% discount.

Sustainability at its core

Decathlon UK has long made sustainability a core pillar of its updated business model and the latest addition to its national targets is making progress in benchmarking its environmental impact. With this new initiative, Decathlon UK wants to save 40,000 kg of CO2 in 12 months and at the same time make these products available to its customers at an even lower price than usual.

Decathlon UK starts Second Life

Nick Connell, UK project leader for the Decathlon Second Life project, said: “The team is really proud to bring Second Life to market in 2021. After a difficult year for retail, especially for individuals and our customers, we are very excited about it.

“Our planet is worth protecting and we all need to take faster action to reduce our environmental impact. As a company with high production requirements, we must act now. By recycling, repairing and reusing products, we are adding another important measure to our broader sustainability project. ”

“At the same time, we must fulfill our corporate purpose to provide everyone in the UK with access to happier and healthier lifestyles, be it physical or financial. Hence, Second Life will benefit our planet as well as the pockets of our customers. “

Eric Mazillier, CEO of Decathlon UK, comments: “At Decathlon UK we strongly believe in our responsibility to help the UK people become physically active and healthy through sport. We also believe in our responsibility to protect our playground … our planet. “

“Decathlon’s Second Life project is a proud moment for the Decathlon UK legacy. It is a new affordable option for the population to access exercise equipment without compromising quality or safety. “

“This is also an important first step in changing our business model. We evaluate what it really means to create value in society and in our local communities. “

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