Different shades of Brahmatal Trek

Brahmatal Trek offers an exhilarating combination of scenery. While one day you camp in the dense jungle, the other day you find yourself on a windy ridge sleeping in the open air. You may have an idea once you’ve hiked in Brahmatal.

But that’s not enough. The hike changes its appearance dramatically over the seasons.

In this photo story, we will quickly guide you through different shades of the Brahmatal hike. Switching from one campsite to another, from one lake to the next and from season to season shows why it is not enough to do the Brahmatal hike just once.

Let’s start with the woods.

The dark, picturesque forests

The forests on the Brahmatal hike are dark and dense. Especially between the Bekaltal and Tilandi. This section is filled with centuries-old oaks and rhododendrons covered with moss. This setting gives your hike a mystical atmosphere.

Forests blooming with rhododendrons

The forests change their personality with the seasons. In autumn these forests are so dark that hardly any sunlight falls through them. Bright rhododendrons bloom on these trees in spring. In the middle of it all, the mountain slopes are full of colors. Here you can see hikers walking through a forest blooming with rhododendrons.

Forests covered in snow

Brahmatal Winter IndiahikesWinter shows a new side of the forest on the Brahmatal Trek. They transport you to magical lands. Look at the picture of winter in the woods of Brahmatal Trek. Doesn’t it look like a landscape from Narnia? Photo by Anirban Banerjee

Spectacular sunrises and sunsets

Tilandi Sunset Brahmatal IndiahikesBrahmatal is also known for its sunsets and sunrises. Especially from the Tilandi campsite. This windy campsite is on a ridge and is a figurehead on the trek. The sky changes color dramatically when the sun goes down and the next day when the sun rises. In the photo you can see hikers enjoying an evening color show as the sun sets in Tilandi. Photo by Manideep

Bekaltal – a gloomy lake

Bekaltal Brahmatal IndiahikesBekaltal, a muddy lake surrounded by green and brown oak. It has a dark and somber beauty. Photo by Anirban Banerjee

The clear Brahma valley

Brahmatal Lake IndiahikesIt is uncanny how different two lakes – Bekaltal and Brahmatal – can look within a few kilometers. In this photo you can see the clear Brahmatal Lake, on the shore of which there is a lonely tree. The vegetation, topography and height of the two lakes make these striking differences clear. Photo by Anirban Banerjee

A spectacular ridge walk

Brahmatal Ridge Walk IndiahikesIf you haven’t read Sandhya’s blog about Do Brahmatal, For the Love of Roopkund, you have to! On the blog, Sandhya talks extensively about the ridge line of this hike. From the highlights, you can see the entire Roopkund Trail laid out in front of you like a GPX map. Hikers on the ridge line climbing to the Brahmatal summit. Photo by Deep Thakkar

Commanding view from the ridge

Ridge Brahmatal IndiahikesYou can see the mountain directly in front of it. Nandaghunti (left) and Mt. Trishul (right) loom over the ridge line as the hikers descend. Photo by Divya Ramakrishna

Camping in the jungle

When you camp in Bekaltal, you camp in the middle of the trees. In this photo you can see hikers sitting by the lake and thinking about their day. Photo by Sayantan

Camping on the ridge

Tilandi Camping Brahmatal IndiahikesThe very next day you climb out of the jungle and camp on the ridge in Tilandi. In this photo you can see an alpenglow on the mountain. Trishul. A sight that you can easily enjoy from your tents when camping on the ridge. Photo by Dhruv Desai

It is impossible to capture the different personalities of the Brahmatal trek at once. Here are three more photo stories to take you deep into the Brahmatal hike:

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If you’ve been on the Brahmatal Trek and these photos bring back a certain memory of the trek, let us know your story in the comments below. We’d love to hear how you saw the Brahmatal Trek ūüôā

Stay safe and have fun trekking!

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