Do a “beer can loop” and receive a free 12 pack of Coors

Photo courtesy Coors

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If you missed the Coors Beer Run in New York in honor of National Beer Day, don’t worry. You can still win a frosty 12-pack.

April 7, 1933 was the first national beer day. This marks the end of Prohibition in the US (a really happy day!). And because World Health Day falls on the same day, Coors celebrated with one Running beer in New York.

Professional athletes ran six different routes in Central Park, distributed in accordance with COVID-19 security guidelines, with face masks and T-shirts with QR codes.

Amateur runners who were fast enough had the option of scanning the QR codes with their smartphone – from 6 feet away – and redeeming a PayPal or Venmo discount for a 12-pack of the brand’s latest offer: Coors Pure, its first USDA certified organic beer.

Coors Beer Run runnersPhoto courtesy Coors

But it’s not just about the beer you missed out on. If you can’t make it to Central Park on April 7th, there is still time to grab a beer. Coors is giving away 12 packs of Coors Pure to the participants until April 14th.

“From April 7th to 14th, runners across the country can follow their run in the form of a beer can with their favorite running app and send a screenshot of your running card by email to [email protected] and Coors Pure on us, ”Coors said in a press release.

That’s right: create a can shape at the distance of your choice, track it, take a screenshot, and email it to Coors. If you do, you will be given a $ 15 prepaid Mastercard for a pack of 12 foam.

Coors PurePhoto courtesy Coors

Coors Pure is a USDA-certified organic light beer with only three ingredients: organic hops, organic barley and water. Each 12-ounce can contains 92 calories and no sugar – for athletes or anyone who likes beer that isn’t heavy on the stomach. There are two flavors: Original and Hint of Citrus.

So go outside, walk around a giant beer can and grab a free pack of 12 before your time runs out. Review the terms of the offer Here.

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