Do you like to hunt? Carry out a newbie and win the primary lite gear

Hunter Elise Young wears the First Lite Aurora Hoody; Photo credit: Lindsey Mulcare

A new First Lite initiative encourages seasoned hunters to attract new people. You can win US $ 250 in hunting equipment.

The urge to recruit new hunters is open. And as popular culture begins to capture different types of hunting stories through both social media and television, many hunting enthusiasts are looking for them Fill your freezer for the first time.

As a hunting brand First Lite consistently sets high standards for the integrity of the hunt. The brand promotes consistently Education and maintenance of public land, keeps a strong focus on Participation of womenand is now actively promoting mentoring on site.

Most mentoring is done either through volunteering, through family ties, or friend-to-friend. And these experiences can start a powerful journey for new hunters. It is certainly something to celebrate.

“Our conservation manager Ford Van Fossan launched the #FirstLiteFirstHunts initiative this year to get people to bring new people to the field and create new hunters for life,” said Bridget Noonan, Director of Brand and Marketing at First Lite, with us.

Using the hashtag #FirstLiteFirstHunts and celebrating new achievements, mentors and mentees can celebrate their time on the hunt and win a monthly giveaway for a $ 250 gift card. For the brand, it's both personal and professional.

"First Lite's business depends on hunters. It's that simple," said Noonan. "It is incredibly important for us to advocate hunter recruitment as the acquisition of new employees extends the longevity of our brand and the industry we operate love, ensures.

"We hope that the potential for new gear will help keep a few more people going into the mountains or hardwoods this season!" And we at GearJunkie repeat Noonan's thoughts. Follow @firstlitehunting to learn more about the # FirstLiteFirstHunts giveaway.

Nicole Qualtieri

By Nicole Qualtieri

Nicole Qualtieri lives in Montana and is GearJunkies Hunt + Fish Editor. When she's not writing or editing, she's probably hunting, fishing, or sitting on the back of her little brown horse with a border collie named Butch Cassidy on her heel in the mountains. Find her on Instagram @nkqualtieri.

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