Dogfish Head is partnering with conservation for its first NA beer

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Ingredients for a great adventure: backpack, hiking trail, friends, beer. But alcohol? Not always.

Mother Nature, let’s do this. That’s the Dogfish Head slogan how to increase their beer selection – and partnership With Conservation of nature – Take people outside.

“We’d like to invite beer lovers and nature lovers alike to get outside and enjoy the splendor of the great outdoors,” said Dogfish Head. And with this invitation comes a wider range of drinks: a new NA beer developed in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy.

Dogfish Head’s first NA (non-alcoholic) beer was announced quietly during Earth Week, but on the shelves this week. We researched this new brew and even tasted it with the founder to get a feel for where Dogfish Head is going.

A can of Dogfish Head Lemon Quest with a Mother Nature and Dogfish Head poster in the background

We introduce Lemon Quest: the brew that gives back. Lemon Quest is an “active lifestyle-oriented, alcohol-free wheat beer”. It’s everything you’d expect from a name like Lemon Quest – light, crisp, with a touch of sweetness and a little wrinkle. It is brewed with the following ingredients:

  • Lemon puree
  • Blueberry juice
  • Acai berries
  • Monk fruit
  • sea-salt
  • Hopsteiner hop pellets

Most NA beers are wheat or lagers, although there are a few companies that make artisanal and IPA-style NA beers. Dogfish Head went with the market favorite for the first time, focusing on light and crisp and channeled notes of citrus.

“When we first started, we really wanted to focus on adding culinary ingredients to our beers, in addition to the usual hops, yeast, water and barley,” said Sam Calagione, founder and chief brewer of Dogfish Head. “And that’s what we wanted to do with this beer too.”

According to Dogfish, the most in-demand beer that non-drinkers want is a fruity wheat beer, based on its focus group tests. I’m not for very fruity drinks. Fortunately that is not the case.

Now for the taste test. This beer surprised me. It’s a wheat beer, but also an NA beer – and not what I expected.

The Lemon Quest starts slightly sour and ends slightly sweet with a soft mouthfeel. It’s not watery, not too light, and not too sweet – in fact, it packs a little bit sour.

You will likely notice the hits from Dogfish’s Sea Quench Sour Ale (thanks to the sea salt). It’s tasty enough – in Dogfish’s words “super refreshing” – and definitely a great combination for outdoor activities.

Try Lemon Quest

Conservation x Dogfish Head

The Nature Conservancy is a global nonprofit environmental organization that “works to create a world where humans and nature can flourish”. Your mission is to preserve the nature, land and water of our planet on which all life depends.

This year, Dogfish Head partnered with the nonprofit to develop the Lemon Quest can to help customers enjoy the great outdoors. Since the launch of its NA beers, brewer The Nature Conservancy has donated more than $ 52,000 to promoting the Org Initiative “Mother Nature, Let’s Do This”. If you love to be outside and enjoy NA refreshments, this is a partnership on epic proportions.

Since 2007, Dogfish has been working to raise funds for the conservation of The Nature Conservancy’s home base on the Delaware coast. To date, Dogfish Head has contributed more than $ 1 million to its local Delawarian chapter.

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