Don’t Make These 5 Errors Searching Public Land


It can be tricky to figure out how to hunt new areas, especially when they’re open to everyone. These five tips will help you better navigate public land hunts.

The gents at The Hunting Public are dropping knowledge for public land hunters prior to the 2020 season. If you’re a newer hunter and used to the crowds of hikers and backpackers on public land, it can seem normal to encounter crowds at popular hunting spots.

But one secret to hunting success is to navigate away from the crowd. Zach Ferenbaugh and Aaron Warbritton walk you through this tip and more in this helpful video.

Be sure to bone up on how to best prep for the coming season and stack the odds in your favor with a bit of hunting education.

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Nicole Qualtieri

By Nicole Qualtieri

Based in Montana, Nicole Qualtieri is GearJunkie’s Hunt + Fish Editor. When she’s not writing or editing, she’s likely hunting, fishing, or on the back of her little brown horse with a border collie named Butch Cassidy on heel in the mountains. Find her on Instagram at @nkqualtieri.

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