‘Everything Day’: Two men on tandem bike tackle 24-hour adventure


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Cycling, paragliding, climbing, hiking – Friends Robin and Erik put everything into one epic day.

How many hours does it take to completely send everything you love? For these two types, it only takes 24.

“To earn your story, sometimes you have to leave everything else behind to learn about yourself,” wrote Brian Zig of Trayvax, the film’s sponsor. “To do this, we have to push ourselves, challenge ourselves and force ourselves to feel a little uncomfortable.”

Robin and Eric know this “fight” – some call it Type 2 fun – all too well, as they tried an “all day” where they try every activity they could fit into a single day.

We haven’t tried Everything Day ourselves, although it sounds like an equipment junkie’s dream is coming true.

Running time: 20 minutes.

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