Experience on the saddle, not on the sofa: tricks to take youngsters exterior

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Bringing children outside is not too difficult. There's a way to keep them excited while they're out there.

The latest Scott Sports film series isn't that subtle Remembering the parents – take these kids away from the TV and outdoors. Do you need inspiration? Follow these parents of mountain bike heroes.

In episode 2 of the series, MTB parents Karen Eller and Holger Meyer talk in an entertaining, step-by-step overview of cycling with children, safety, recommended trails, and more.

In the narrator's words: “Teach them how to do it. And remember, it's all about fun. "

Just take your bike, helmet and gloves (and prepare your little rider too) and get going. The adventure is waiting. (This episode is part 2 of the "Heroes" series; you can watch part 1 here.)

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Mary Murphy

By Mary Murphy

Mary lives in Denver, Colorado, but often travels abroad. Her outdoor interests range from climbing to landscape photography to pack paddleboarding. If she doesn't write, you can most likely find her on the top of a fourteen-inch pen or at a local bakery.

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