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Editor’s note: It’s a little different this year – buy early to avoid the line in store and be late in delivering your gifts. Shopping in the store? There could be a line. Join the virtual waiting list from anywhere to save time.

While some people are gift machines and easily pick the perfect products months before the holiday season starts, some of us need a little help. No fear. Our favorite gifts under $ 50 will impress everyone on your list.

Meanwhile, we hope everyone on your list scrubs single-use plastic, so this Hydro Flask bottle should be a hit with everyone. It improves on standard reusable jars with double-walled vacuum insulation that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours and features an oversized mouth for easy filling. We also appreciate the slim design that fits into most cup holders and of course the abundance of tasteful colors. $ 34.95

REI Co-op Farlands scarf

This REI Co-op scarf is perhaps the best you can get to actually hug your five this year. The wool blend is cozy and warm without scratches, which leads to a very cozy hug in the shape of a scarf. And at 6 feet in length, there is a lot of pressure to go around. $ 39.95

Darn Tough Micro Crew Pillow Hiking Socks (Women & Men)

Damn tough micro crew pillow hiking socks

You know you’ve reached adulthood when socks are actually high on your wish list. And with these you don’t have to add them year after year. Darn Tough Socks live up to their name, with an unconditional lifetime guarantee and a reputation for accompanying migrants from Mexico to Canada. These use a blend of merino wool, nylon, and spandex for goldilocks-like comfort, moisture management, and durability. $ 23

YETI Rambler Tumbler with MagSlider Lid - 20 fl.oz.

Some might say that you would be unoriginal for choosing a gift based on the number of five star reviews it has. We know at least 23,000 people who would disagree. This 20 oz. Product is one of the highest rated products on The YETI mug has double-walled vacuum insulation that keeps hot and cold drinks cold to the last sip. With a big mouth, you can throw in copious amounts of ice cubes (or fill them straight from the source) on scorching summer days, and the BPA-free stainless steel won’t keep the rum and cola flavors from last week. Will your fifteen be the next five star reviewer? $ 29.98

Alpine Provisions Hand Sanitizer Bundle

It is a good idea to put the kibosh on cooties in 2020 and beyond. This hand sanitizer from Alpine Provisions combines soothing essential oils from cedarwood and sandalwood as well as organic aloe vera for a desert mood with a natural alcohol for its antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Do you need another reason to feel good? Alpine Provisions donates 5 percent of sales to support the Colorado Outward Bound School Scholarship. $ 22

Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack

“I never thought I would fall in love with a belt bag, but it happened,” writes REI customer Hollybee. Give the gift of love this season. When the Patagonia Black Hole Mini Hip Pack is not in use, it will be packed in its own pocket. When this is the case, the hip pack fits tons in its light but durable pouch (one person on our staff uses it like a handbag, while another stuffs it with pick-up bags and goodies for their dog’s morning constitution). There is no wrong way to use a hip pack – love is love. $ 29

Nomadix National Parks all purpose cloth

Partly hot yoga sweat catcher, partly sarong-compatible beach towel, partly national park study guide– –What can this nomadix not do? The recycled fabric dries quickly, is non-slip and absorbent and is therefore ready for anything. If your master plan is to help your loved ones do more with less, you can’t go wrong with this gift. $ 39.95

Paddywax Parks candle

Unfortunately, we cannot always be at the sea and listen to the calming waves on the shore. However, we can light a paddy wax candle, close our eyes, and let that memory wash over us. The crackling wooden wick immediately transports everyone to a campfire on the beach, sand between their toes. Even better? A portion of all sales will go to the National Parks Foundation to help protect the places we have nearby. $ 35

Turtle Fur Shay headband

We didn’t know turtles had fur, but now that we do, we can’t get enough. This headband by Turtle Fur is made of a stylish chunky knit and is lined with cozy fleece. Furnish your friend who is prone to the cold with cozy headwear that will delight you. $ 18

Lodge Mini Cast Iron Pan - 3.5 in.

“Exactly the right size to bake a chocolate chip cookie for two after dinner or to melt butter for popcorn,” writes REI customer Erasmus. (Take a second to wipe the drool off before we move on.) Brutally sturdy built for a life of unparalleled, even heat retention, this miniature fryer from Lodge is just as great as its standard size brethren, but slightly more portable. And cuter. $ 7.25

LuminAID PackLite Max telephone charging lantern

Turn any campsite into an Instagram-worthy set with this lantern from LuminAID. It is charged via solar or USB and then spits out up to 150 lumens and five brightness settings. You can also use it to juice your other devices. Even if your loved one is not a digital influencer or device enthusiast, the PackLite Max is a breeze for first aid kits, emergency car kits or bug-out bags. $ 49.95

Buff Light, multifunctional headgear made of merino wool

Insulating and yet stretchable, chic and yet durable– –This 100 percent merino wool neck seal from Buff kinda does it all. And Neck seal is just the beginning. Your fifteen can use it as a headscarf, balaclava, mask, fabulous sweatband (or scrunchie) from the 80s, pirate hat from the 1780s. The list goes on. This means that this naturally odorless, moisture wicking headgear is both a gift and a test of your five’s ingenuity. $ 29

More gift ideas

United By Blue Meal Kit

Enhance the culinary possibilities of your friend with the finest china we could find for the hinterland. This camp kit contains two stainless steel bowls, two mugs and two sporks. If the person you’re giving it to isn’t taking you to enjoy the opening dinner for two, it may be time to upgrade your friend. An added bonus: United By Blue removes a pound of rubbish from our waterways for every product sold. $ 38

Everest Designs Llama Fur Hat

It turns out that we lose 10 percent of our body heat through our heads. Help your loved one fight heat loss from noggin with this cozy topper. Made from wool from New Zealand sheep, it is the most cuddly. Nepalese women dye and knit these hats in a Fair Trade certified factory, which is part of the Everest Designs mission: a Sherpa and an American founded the company to connect the craftsmen of Nepal with consumers in America. It’s a win-win situation. $ 39.95

BioLite headlight 330

Hello Sunshine! This beauty breaks the $ 50 mark and saves nickel. Any friend would be lucky enough to get this 330 lumen BioLite lamp, but runners will especially appreciate it. Its slim body is offset by a small battery that sits glitch-free at the back of the head, and it’s just under 2.4 ounces. It also comes in a handful of fun colors. $ 59.95

MPOWERD Luci Solar fairy lights

Give your buddy a touch of shine in the backyard or in the backcountry with this string of lights from MPOWERD. Ten LED nodes adorn the 18-foot cable that you can charge via USB or the sun. What’s even cooler, your fifteen can use the same port to turn on their mobile devices while enjoying the dreamy glow. An easy-to-analyze LED indicator shows when it’s time to reconnect so your friend is never caught in the dark. $ 44.95

Stories behind the pictures

Whether you’re shopping for a shutterbug, a thrill hunter, or a coffee table book collector, you can be sure that your buddy will love this just-released beauty from Corey Rich, Nikon ambassador and official photographer of the Dawn Wall historic climb. Rich has captured iconic shots of adventure superstars for more than two decades, and now he’s spilling the technical and personal details on 56 of his favorite photos. $ 29.95

Rinse Bath & Body Essential Oil Roll-Ons

Aromatherapy has been used for wellness for centuries. Why stop now? This 4-pack from Rinse Bath & Body contains roll-on bottles of eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint and tea tree essential oils. Tell the adventurer to give it as a gift to apply on temples, forehead, neck, feet, or even the tip of the nose. (This one is also very popular. Find it at your local REI or stick with it so it can be replenished online soon.) $ 42.95

FinalStraw 2.0 stainless steel straw

Clever name, clever design. This reusable stainless steel sipper from FinalStraw can hold hot and cold drinks, is dishwasher safe and even comes with its own cleaning brush. It folds neatly into a supplied envelope the size of a dental floss pack. The 2.0 stainless steel straw can withstand up to 16 years of daily use. This will help all of the environmentally conscious people in your life get rid of plastic straws while still sipping iced coffee or cocktails by the campfire. (Pst, the color names are wonderful too.) $ 19.95

YETI Rambler mug

The vacuum-insulated mug from YETI will keep your friend’s Joe hot for up to six hours, making it suitable as an evening camp warmer for morning commutes and alpine starts. It comes with a removable swallowing lid and is also dishwasher safe. Most importantly, at 14 ounces, it contains enough coffee to actually dent the drowsiness. $ 24.98

All photographs by Andrew Bydlon.

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