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You have good equipment, why shouldn’t your best friend? This year, upgrade your four-legged adventure friend’s kit with one of our favorite gift ideas.

May we all experience the kind of love Chewy has for his mother.

This 6-foot shoe from Ruffwear can be worn around the waist – perfect for hands-free trail running, backpacking or hiking. (Or pull the padded handle down to carry it like a regular leash (pictured above).) A long bungee section absorbs shock and lets your buddy loose, and the claw-style clip is easy to use on the go. A clever loop on the handle is ideal for stowing pick-up bags. $ 39.95

Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack

True story: this photo was taken on a mountain bike tour. Although Raider didn’t have much to carry (just some water and a first aid kit), he carried his approach pack because it makes him a better tracker. A pack can give your pup a purpose and make him feel like he’s helping.

If you join the mentality of everyone doing their part, get your Floof in with a modest load in the versatile Ruffwear Approach dog package. The saddlebags are attached to the belt, which has a practical handle (in case your little mountain goat has to lift a tall boulder or into the car) and a strong aluminum D-ring to attach a leash. This package is just bulky enough for longer adventures or overnight adventures (but not enough space for a sleeping system). My dog ​​(above) carries his own water and first aid kit on both sides as well as a light PackTowl and his food. He is also responsible for carrying his own wayside gifts, which are dog training at its finest. $ 79.95

Ultimate Survival Technologies Dog Tool is a long, multi-tool

Gift idea: Use the supplied carabiner to attach the dog tool a Long to the strap of another gift that has already been wrapped.

No, this tool is not for your dog, but it is a dog, which makes it relevant to the dog lover (or APS lover, right?) In your life. It weighs next to nothing and has various Allen keys and rulers as well as a bottle opener, a flat-blade screwdriver and a file. Nice: No Blades means this Ultimate Survival Technologies tool is TSA friendly. $ 6.95

Tiny Tents Tiny Tent

The small tent offers space for a house cat.

The little tent is honestly exactly what it sounds like. What is surprising is that this is a feature-rich animal shelter that might warrant its own review in a tent equipment tour. Double doors allow easier exit and a removable rain fly lets the air flow. The floor plan is 2.25 square feet, while clever architecture with almost vertical walls makes the height of the 12-inch summit seem more spacious than the number suggests. The new thing is that it sells out quickly every holiday season (so buy sooner rather than later). However, if this subsides, your feline friend may be able to move into residence. $ 20

Nite Ize Nitehowl LED safety necklace

Make your fur baby safer and even more majestic with the Nitehowl.

Keep an eye on your best friend after the sun goes down with this glowing collar. Two brightly colored LEDs (green or blue) illuminate a lightweight polymer tube that you cut to fit around your pooch’s neck. I use mine for my dog ​​on walks after dark and at meeting points on the campsite and as a useful tool to make him visible to traffic in winter before or after work. Batteries are included, and Nite Ize claims a run time of around 60 hours. $ 12

Rex Specs dog goggles

Added bonus: Doggles are a surefire way to double your Instagram likes.

Protect your dog’s peepers from dirt, sunshine, glare and hatred with Rex Specs. A multi-point connection system is looped under the muzzle and behind the ears to ensure a secure and impact-free fit. (The system is unfortunately not as effective on flat-faced or short-nosed dogs like Chewy.) The interchangeable lenses (each pair has clear and dark options) are spherical for wide field of view and ultimate drip. My pup pawed his dogs first, but came to associate them with the adventure ahead and now puts them at my feet as an offering when he feels like getting chic. Slowly and patiently convert your dog into the life of safety glasses. $ 79.95

Ruffwear Front Range dog harness

Chewy wears his front range year round (and apparently throughout the photo shoot), which is a versatility we can all leave behind.

Would you like to upgrade your friend’s dishes? Look no further. The venerable Ruffwear front range is light and airy enough for everyday life and strong enough for adventures in the backcountry. It’s made from ridiculously tough 300-denier ripstop polyester (mine got through everything from ski edges to teething puppies without a hook) and is padded with soft, closed-cell foam for all day. It has two leash attachment points on the back and chest and comes in enough colors to please the most picky of Hoomans. $ 39.95

Dust City wood sticker dog color wood sticker

Like #OptOutside, but with a twist of the tail.

For the dog lover in your life, here’s a tchotchke for your consideration. This wooden sticker from Dust City is 2.2 x 3.6 inches – ideal for a water bottle or laptop – and made from sustainable wood veneer. And beyond 2020, it seems like we could all use a hit of this open-gate mentality (and of course, responsibly recreating it). $ 6

YETI Boomer 4 dog bowl

Name name name.

No, your dog doesn’t need a $ 40 bowl (here’s a great option for less than $ 15), but if you’re feeling generous it’s not as outrageous as it seems. The double-walled stainless steel is durable, easy to clean and – similar to your own YETI – odor, rust and rough resistant. The Boomer 4 has a non-slip ring on the bottom and is also dishwasher safe. $ 39.98; also available in a larger 8-inch version for $ 49.98

Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Booties - pair

Fetch is a year-round activity for raiders. When winter freezes our local park, he wears ankle boots to protect his paw pads from scratches and burns.

Protect your pooch’s paws from snow, ice, granite, melt chemicals and much more with the Ruffwear Grip Trex boots. They slide on easily with a Velcro fastener and have a sticky Vibram outsole that meets the requirements of your own shoes. There’s a learning curve for the first-time wearer, but it does result in a fun video. So keep your phone close at hand. Note: The Grip Trex are sold in pairs as your dog’s front and rear paws can be different sizes. $ 37.50

Wolfgang Man & Beast OverLand Collar

It turns out that size Small is too small for Boston Terriers, but it’s just right for kittens like Bella. See the size chart.

Fashion meets function in this collar, which has a starry alpine motif that is perfect for four-legged adventure partners. In addition, the OverLand has standard specifications: polyester fabric, nylon buckle, steel D-ring. Nice touch: Wolfgang Man & Beasts lifetime guarantee. $ 17.95 – $ 19.95

GivePet Campfire Feast dog treats

Who is a good boy

If you’re the type of person looking for Christmas gifts for your dog, you will likely yell, “Take my money!” For this next part: For every bag of Campfire Feast nibbles sold, GivePet will donate enough treats for 10 animal shelter pups. The delicacies are small, grain-free, rich in protein and smell of fish. $ 10 for a 12-ounce package.

Burley Tail Wagon pet bike trailer

Make way for Prince Chewy!

OK who lives to serve whom in this relationship? Ride your king or queen around in style on the Burley Tail Wagon, a two-wheel trailer attached to your bike so all family members can enjoy the great outdoors. The cockpit has lattice windows on all sides and a roller cover that is weatherproof or lets your buddy feel the wind in your face. Note: The weight capacity is 75 pounds. 400 dollars

All photographs by Andrew Bydlon, Chewy’s father.

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