First hard-sided cooler manufactured from hemp: get to know the Taiga Terra

Taiga's newest hard cooler, the Terra, uses sustainable hemp-based polymer in its construction.

Are you looking for an America made cooler that uses some unique ingredients? Taiga Terra might be worth a visit. The Terra uses plant-based polymers in what the brand calls "unique" collection of hard coolers.

In building the first vegetable cooler with hard sides, the Texas brand focused on how to use a substitute for fossil fuel plastics while ensuring performance and toughness in the coolers. Working with a supplier based in Boulder, Colorado, a hemp propylene product was found that works by injection molding.

Taiga claims that it offers durability similar to traditional plastics.

Taiga Terra cooler

"As a brand based on innovation, finding sustainable solutions is a natural next step for us," said John Hohenshelt, founder of Taiga. "We're pushing the envelope to develop a rugged, high-performance cooler that won't adversely affect the environment we often place our coolers in, from surf to lawn and everywhere in between."

Taiga Terra hemp cooler

Taiga builds the Terra three-sixteenths of an inch thick, hemp-filled polypropylene walls. Inside, the insulation is 2 inches of foam. A 3 inch thick lid provides R5 insulation on top. UV stabilizers and antimicrobial additives ensure the ice retention, strength and longevity of every cooler.

In addition to using plant-based polymers, Taiga minimizes the CO2 footprint of its supply chain in Terra. From injection molding to foam insulation to assembly, Taiga Original Coolers must travel approximately 200 miles within Texas.

The Taiga Terra coolers follow exactly the same route, except for sourcing green materials from Colorado. Reducing the consumption of petroleum plastic in the Taiga Terra coolers reduces carbon emissions in the manufacture of Taiga.

Taiga Terra

The 27-liter Taiga Terra cooler ($ 199 MSRP) can be pre-ordered at taigacoolers.com. Consumers can choose from four colors: granite white, chimney red, deep ocean blue, and sunset orange. Shipping begins November 27th.

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