First Lite introduces Specter, its first Whitetail-specific camo

Greg Farrell, First Lite Whitetail Product Line Manager in Specter; Photo credit: First Lite

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A scientific focus on the way white-tailed deer see the world shaped the new camouflage pattern of First Lite Specter. It will hit shelves in spring 2021.

First Lite has long been synonymous with high-end direct-to-consumer products in the world of western hunting.

However, the brand’s efforts to bolster its whitetail range have grown in strength in recent years. And a new camouflage pattern aims to round the line.

First Lite Specter: Habitat-specific coloring

Ghost Camo, First Lite

Many well-known camouflage patterns focus on concealing by blending in with local vegetation. First Lite chose a different route. By studying the way deer see their surroundings, macro and micro patterns work together to break up the hunter’s silhouette. This is similar to the technology used in both Fusion and Cipher, the brand’s western-facing patterns.

Seven colors from the white-tailed habitat are integrated into the pattern and imitate the colors of trees, sky and vegetation. A balance between light and dark fits into the setting of the treetops for the Tree stand hunterThe focus on these particularities ensures the viability of the early to late season in whitetail-friendly ecosystems.

“The ability to disappear into whitetail forests depends not only on how deer see the world around them, but also on the environment and the situations in which we hunt them,” said Gregg Farrell, product line manager, whitetail, First Lite.

“These were the driving forces behind First Lite’s development of the Specter camouflage pattern. Based on science and experience, we believe it is the most effective whitetail pattern available.”

First Lite Specter will also be available to equip First Lite partners and collaborators, including Mathews archery. The bow makers will include Specter as part of the election 2021 sheet list.

Nicole Qualtieri

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