First V17 boulder problem in the USA? Daniel Woods broadcasts “Return of the Sleepwalker”

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Three months. Sixty-five days. A boulder. And a really, really tough line.

Today Daniel Woods, a professional climber from Boulder, Colorado, is Put up “Return of the Sleepwalker,” a suggested 9A / V17. If accepted, it will be the first in the US and one of the first in the world.

“It’s all just a game folks … and I play the game,” Woods wrote online. “The game is how comfortable you can get with your own madness.”

Woods is one of the few climbers in the world who has climbed both a 5.15 and a V16, top marks in two climbing disciplines.

Located in Red Rock, Nev., “Sleepwalker” is a V16, ranked one of the toughest lines in the US and the world. For Woods’ proposed V17 “Return of the Sleepwalker”, he added a seated start as opposed to a standing start. This change alone added about five V13 trains to an already difficult V16. Many professional climbers – Tommy Caldwell and Emily Harrington included – already agree on social media The Woods line looks like a real V17.

“I love how this thing takes a lot of resistance and accuracy,” Woods wrote about a month after starting his V17 project. “Basically there is no room for error. Accuracy, flow, and voltage must be perfect. Wild game with this one. [Definitely] Some of the best moves I’ve done out there. “

Woods did the second ascent of the original sleepwalker 2 years ago, which you can see below:


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