Fitness Data Revolution: Why Garmin Pairing With InsideTracker Is Such A Big Deal

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For the first time, users can get a DNA-based snapshot of their health potential and needs and follow it and the impact of personalized training in real time.

With the plethora of apps and wearables that promise insights into better health and wellbeing, it’s understandably difficult to know who is really offering what – and whether it is actually valuable to you.

And while the dates and approaches that work best will likely vary from person to person, this week InsideTracker took a look at what fitness tracking might actually look like in the future.

Working with Garmin, InsideTracker can now leverage its DNA-based insights and knowledge of your body’s biomarkers with real-time data pulled from your wearable device. According to InsideTracker’s co-founder, Dr. Gil Blander, a “360-degree value of [users’] Health and wellness. “

Here are the details.

InsideTracker x Garmin: Personalized performance data

InsideTracker and Garmin each provide valuable information for those looking to understand and improve their health and fitness. Garmin, like many other tech innovators, has a line of wearables that allow users to instantly get snapshots of information like heart rate, steps, blood oxygen, pace, and more.

InsideTracker, meanwhile, is studying DNA and blood-based markers to determine not only where your health is, but possibly why. This includes things like vitamin and mineral content, white blood cell count, and a lot more. This information can help determine nutritional needs and set realistic training goals.

Now that the InsideTracker app can read the data from Garmin wearables, these two related but separate information caches are combined for the first time.

“We believe that with this integration, InsideTracker unlocked the gold standard of health analytics to give our users real insight into wellbeing and provide holistic real-time health insights,” said Dr. Blander.

“Blood biomarkers accurately reflect what is going on in your body, but are usually only tested once a quarter. DNA findings can provide clues as to genetic potential, but only need to be tested once in a lifetime. However, health data and activity data from Garmin watches reveal the daily effects of positive living and eating habits that, with the right science, you can adjust to get closer to your goals. “

In a press release, representatives of the brand used the example of sleep tracking – a common feature of Garmin and other wearables – to show what this integration can achieve.

When the Garmin device detects insomnia, the InsideTracker app pulls this information and correlates it to the user’s known biomarker of low magnesium. The app will call the user that taking a magnesium supplement or eating foods rich in magnesium can contribute to better sleep.

The app also offers diet suggestions to remedy any deficiencies.

Initially, InsideTracker uses the Garmin integration for data on resting heart rate, sleep duration and sleep quality (REM sleep and deep sleep). InsideTracker customers with a portable Garmin only need to activate the Garmin integration through their InsideTracker app to activate the new features.

For more information on how InsideTracker works, see our overview of the process Here.

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