Fjällräven & Ellis Brigham announce “Backgarden Bushcraft” collection

Fjällräven and Ellis Brigham have teamed up to launch a new Backgarden Bushcraft video series hosted by Clare Dyson and Ross Bowyer. Perfect for keeping the kids entertained and adding a little bit of adventure to the holidays.

We may not be able to travel far this half year, but Fjällräven and Ellis Brigham are bringing the adventure to your home instead! They teamed up with bushcraft experts Ross Bowyer and Clare Dyson to bring a daily dose of outdoor fun every day from February 15-19.

Clare and Ross will be hosting a new tutorial every day on Ellis Brigham’s social media and YouTube channels, from preparing a tasty meal outdoors to building a shelter to making your own birdseed.

Each video tutorial is great for the whole family and lasts around 30 minutes. It provides simple step-by-step instructions for doing this day’s work.

There is a downloadable instruction sheet next to each video that you can take with you when you go outside to try the activity for yourself. In addition to providing a fun way to keep you and your children occupied over the holidays, the Backgarden Bushcraft tutorials teach essential skills to ensure you are safe in the great outdoors and get the most out of future trips.

For more information, visit Ellis Brigham on Facebook or Instagram.

The first Backgarden Bushcraft video will go live on Monday February 15 on Ellis Brigham’s social and YouTube channels.

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