Fjallraven Traditional goes digital: Hike the USA route in breathtaking POV

We can do a lot online. But hiking? Fjallraven is testing this concept by making its latest trekking trip completely virtual.

From September 30th to October 3rd in Fjallraven hosts its Classic USA. And while the backpacking trip will look very different this year, Fjallraven still invites everyone to join the hike.

With all 2020 classics canceled, Fjallraven has enlisted the help of his guides to make the Classic USA Route possible.

Those interested in "hiking" can take part in the virtual walking tour, which includes the step-by-step route from a first person POV. Viewers can watch different sections to see the trail, visit different backcountry camps, and listen to the recorded sounds of nature. Along the way, you'll also get information on cool details like elevation gain and water sources.

Best of all, these virtual walking tours are free.

Back in 2015, Fyllraven started the annual trekking event, the Fjallraven Classic. The hikes cover distances between 45 and 110 km and are available in eight different countries. The event brings together both new and seasoned backpackers, the route is set for you, and items such as backpacking trips and a water filter are provided.

Unfortunately no swag will be given out this year.

How to hike virtually

"Fjallraven Classic TV is ours Solution for the current situation, to put people in a trekking experience streamed online, from the perspective of a trekker, ”wrote the brand. The first episode the Classic in Germany went live in May. So far you can prepare for the treks in Germany, Sweden, China and Great Britain.

Check out the Classic USA Hike here that follows a Fjallraven ambassador on the Colorado Trail for three days.

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