Flip Off a Waterfall: The Whitewater Awards Downriver Freestyle Winners Reel

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The best of the best whitewater kayakers from around the world submit video clips for a variety of competition categories in the Whitewater Awards each year. The Whitewater Awards 2021 saw the greatest progress in the Downriver Freestyle category.

With all the half-slice boats, more and more really good paddlers were throwing tricks from harder and harder rapids. Instead of parking and playing in a traditional play boat, these paddlers play with all the features on the river, especially the hangtime that sends waterfalls.

While downriver freestyle is nothing new, the genre has come a long way over the past year.

2021 Whitewater Awards

The Whitewater Awards showcase the world’s best white water kayakers, photographers and videographers each year. The awards are also chosen by professionals, so it takes real progress and excellence, not just popularity, to get on the podium.

Enjoy this real highlight of the best downriver freestyle video clips from 2020. Read on for an overview of this year’s winners.

Next level downriver freestyle

The two people who really push the boundaries of downriver freestyle are Aniol Serrasolses and Dane Jackson (who we had on our podcast). While Jackson was off the podium at this year’s Downriver Freestyle Awards, Serrasolses holds the top two spots. In 2021, Jackson was already on one Downriver freestyle crackSo expect him to be on the podium next year.

Serrasol’s first double kickflip from Tomatita Falls in Chile is more than worth first place on the podium. His runner-up backflip from the same waterfall would have easily won any other year. These two movements are done with style, shaped with authority, and move the sport forward in great ways.

Dane Jackson

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Whitewater Awards 2021: Downriver Freestyle


  • 1st place: Aniol Serrasolses, Double Dub, Tomatita Falls, Chile
  • 2nd place: Aniol Serrasolses, Backflip, Tomatita Falls, Chile
  • 3rd place: George Snook, Cobra Flip, Huka Falls, New Zealand


  • 1st place: Nouria Newman, Silly Flip, Ayasse, Italy
  • 2nd place: Nouria Newman, Freilauf, Austria
  • 3rd place: Beth Morgan, Kickflip, Futalafu, Chile

Bryon Dorr

By Bryon Dorr

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