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Here at GearJunkie, we test a lot of gear. And we’re lucky enough to be testing new, cutting-edge products. Now we’d like to give you the chance to win some equipment too.

A family this week (of up to six) receive Mustang Survival PFDs – Khimera PFDs for the adults and Mustang Survival Children’s PFDs for the kids.

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More about the prices

Adults receive the award-winning Khimera PFD. The Khimera combines a foam PFD with an inflatable bladder for double flotation. It offers the safety of foam in a sleek profile and the option to increase your buoyancy by pulling a string, keeping your movements (and buoyancy) as fluid and dynamic as your water-based activities require.

Originally made for paddlers with a growing number of fans in the sailing world, Khimera’s body-cut design will help you stay lean and protected. The PFD provides 20.5 pounds of buoyancy.

Children get one PFD for Mustang Survival Children depending on their weight, which may include mustangs infant, child or youth lily legends or Rev Child or Young Adult Vest.

Editor’s Note: The set of PFDs is intended for immediate family members only. For children, we need to know their weight in order to get the right flotation equipment. GearJunkie will contact the winner for sizes, colors, and preferred PFD models for children.

More about the brand

Founded in 1967 by Irv Davies, the inventor of the world’s first floater coat. Mustang survival has been developing and manufacturing life-saving solutions for more than 50 years. Through innovation and technical solutions, Mustang Survival works to improve performance, encourage exploration and inspire adventure in marine environments.

Mustang survival states that it is “committed to protecting and improving those who take themselves to extremes, be it for work, service or to get away from it all”.

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