Free gear on Fridays: Polar Vantage 2 Multisport Watch Giveaway

Here at GearJunkie, we test a lot of gear. And we’re lucky enough to be testing new, cutting-edge products. Now we would like to give you the chance to win some equipment too.

Three lucky winners this week will get one Polar Vantage 2 multisport watchworth $ 500!


More about the price

The Vantage V2 is a feature-rich, multisport watch that measures activity and downtime throughout the day for a more complete picture of your physical condition. There are even activity-specific fitness tests for athletes to set their own standards. The watch can keep track of the basics like GPS and heart rate continuously for 40 hours between charges and also offers sleep monitoring, among other things.

If that weren’t enough, the new Vantage V2 offers personalized metrics generated from a series of tests, as well as the ability to track your progress across a long-term fitness plan. If you’re interested in taking your fitness game to the next level, this watch is well worth a look.

More about the brand

Founded in 1977, Polar built its brand on the idea that understanding what your body is telling you during exercise is just as important as understanding it. Polar’s expertise in exercise, physiology, and electronics helps users take the Skin of their workouts to take their performance to a new level.

With over 1,200 employees and a sales network of over 35,000 retail stores in 80 countries, Polar develops products for all fitness levels by offering a comprehensive range of products as well as essential support and advice.

The brand’s products help with everything from improving an athlete’s athletic performance to maintaining a healthier lifestyle, to rehabilitation and weight management.

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