Gear Guy – Recommended Mother’s Day Gifts

Would you like to give the important mom in your life something to make her feel appreciated? Buy her something useful for Mother’s Day so she doesn’t spend the money on herself. These upgrades are often difficult to streamline, so taking the plunge for them can be a very thoughtful gesture. Below are five Gear Guy and Gear Mom approved upgrades.

Altra Olympus 4.0 trail running shoe ($ 170)

(Photo: Sarah Jackson)

The stacking height of the Olympus 4.0 of 33 millimeters and the extra-wide toe box make it downright luxurious on long runs. It is The Vibram MegaGrip outsole offers a confidence-building grip on steeps and is still very responsive. My wife is currently training in these shoes and says they are worth every penny.

Lululemon Enlite Bra Weave ($ 98)

Mother's Day-10.jpg(Photo: Sarah Jackson)

Well-designed sports bras like Lululemon’s Enlite are usually expensive. Even if mommy has one she likes, she’ll likely be grateful for another: it means less time looking for a clean bra before walking out the door for a run. My wife loves the premium support in this soft, moisture wicking package.

American Giant Track Pant ($ 100) and Midweight Sweater ($ 100)

Mother's Day-13.jpg(Photo: Sarah Jackson)

While many of us are slowly moving into civilization and wearing jeans again, we must not forget how wonderful it is to spend the day in your most comfortable clothes. These track pants and sweater from American Giant make mom look cool and feel great at brunches and get-togethers the foreseeable future. Everything I’ve tested from the company is solid thanks to the bomber design and a tight American supply chain.

Buy pants buy sweaters

Supergoop SPF Facial Serum ($ 42)

Mother's Day-6.jpg(Photo: Sarah Jackson)

After testing dozen of sunscreens for this column, Super Goops City Sunscreen is the Jackson family’s favorite. It is effective for sports and everyday use, feels good on our skin, and is exceptionally clean. It’s definitely expensive so give it as a gift and let the mom in your life lather it up on her nose without worrying about the price per use.

Spring Energy Nutrition Speednut Gel ($ 8 for two servings)

Mother's Day-8.jpg(Photo: Sarah Jackson)

My wife and I have mowed through a variety of Spring Energy products with reckless abandon over the past few weeks. They are all made from real food, provide consistent energy, and taste delicious. I have a very fussy gut and had no trouble digesting anything that the company tested. The Speednut delivers 250 calories per gel, which is more than double the calories in the same volume that is contained in many packs of 100 calories.

Main photo: Sarah Jackson

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