GearJunkie groups as much as begin the AllGear Media Group

GearJunkie, Bikerumor, Switchback Travel, AutoWise, iRunFar and others are uniting under the AllGear banner to form a media group focused on the outdoors, new products, active lifestyles and gear.

It was a wild ride. When I started GearJunkie in 2002, I didn’t have a business plan. I was a 25 year old college graduate with a degree in journalism and wrote about the equipment and products my friends and I used on climbing routes and backpacking trips.

Back then I wrote “The Gear Junkie” as a weekly newspaper column. It contained 300-400 words and a single grainy photo published on paper with ink in the Sports Department of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The column gained some momentum locally, then more generally – eventually picked up by editors outside of my home country and syndicated to newspapers in the US

In 2006 I found two partners and went online with a seedy startup to create the first GearJunkie website. In a short period of time, the brand grew much bigger than me, spawning key people like Mike Santi, Sean McCoy, Adam Ruggiero, Jake Ferguson, Ryan Johnson, and many more.

GearJunkie now employs nearly 20 people with offices in Minneapolis and Denver. Millions of people read our gear reviews, trends reports, adventure stories and the daily news we write about the outdoor scene.

Now, in 2021, development continues as GearJunkie takes its place on a new network. Like most companies, 2020 was a turbulent and strange year. For our company, the whirlwind included an acquisition that bought GearJunkie from Lola Digital Media. The Los Angeles-based company had a vision of building a new breed of media group, and the opportunity for GearJunkie to be a part of it was not to be missed.

With this backstory, I am pleased to share with you AllGear! Lola officially launches the media group today and includes GearJunkie and eight other publications dealing with niche activities. These range from ultra running and biking to automobiles and more, each with an emphasis on innovation, products and equipment.

GearJunkie Spearhead’s AllGear Media Group

Includes the full list of AllGear websites AutoWise, Biker tumor, Explorersweb, Equipment hungry, GearJunkie, improves, iRunFar, InStash, and Switchback Travel. Lola Digital Media has completed the last few additions in the past few weeks. The company will add more new properties and expand the AllGear group in the course of 2021.

The news means several things to GearJunkie readers. But first, know that our focus on cutting edge equipment and objective inspections will not change. In fact, we’ve already increased the amount of weekly published content under Lola. Now with eight fantastic sister sites under the AllGear group, our staff has added editorial muscle and expertise from writers and testers on sites like Bikerumor, Switchback Travel and iRunFar.

The AllGear group is run by a team of more than 40 experienced journalists, founders and media managers, including Tyler Benedict (founder, bikerumor); David Wilkinson (Founder, Switchback Travel); and Bryon Powell (Founder, iRunFar). Sean McCoy and Ryan Johnson, each former Editor-in-Chief and COO at GearJunkie, lead the editorial and strategy for the AllGear group. Adam Ruggiero now serves as the Editor-in-Chief of GearJunkie.

What’s coming?

I am proud of the team we have put together to create a next generation media group. Our mix of award-winning articles, reviews, podcasts, videos, custom projects, and trade-related content represents the best practices of a healthy, cutting-edge media company.

The AllGear Group offers our industrial partners a new range. Together we serve more than 15 million readers every month. And campaigns across the AllGear network reach a demographic group that sets trends as influencers and early adopters of the latest products and devices.

As for my role, I am no longer as practical with the new equipment or field tests. My weekly newspaper column ended its nearly 20-year run last spring. But now with Lola, I’m looking forward to entering a new phase that oversees multiple facets within the AllGear group.

I’m looking forward to 2021 and the new possibilities with AllGear. If you’re a long-time reader, thank you for the support over the years and knowing my team will work to provide even better coverage, buying guides, and objective equipment reviews in the future.

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