Get to know the Land Rover ‘Lucky8 Offroad’: the defender correctly

That didn’t take long! Get to know the Lucky8 Off Road Proud Rhino Defender 2 – fully equipped and ready for off-road action.

While the new Land Rover Defender is a controversial vehicle, When it leaves the factory, it is still extremely powerful off-road. As with all Land Rovers before, it proved ripe for some serious off-road modifications.

Lucky8 Off Road in Buffalo, NY, specializes in Land Rovers modification. And it has built a reputation for modern rovers that work really well off-road.

Lucky8’s latest creation is the very first new Defender to feature 35-inch tires. Not only that, but it also has armor, salvage gear and accessories to make it a truly formidable force on the way.

Lucky8 Land Rover: construction concept

Lucky8 is known for taking almost every Land Rover ever built and making it far more off-road. It was also the driving force behind the development of high quality off-road upgrades for modern Land Rovers in North America. In fact, Land Rover Lucky8 even had many of the off-road parts developed for its latest Trek Series Discovery 5.

The idea behind this Defender 2 build was to make the ultimate off-road capable new Defender with OEM style and quality. This means that almost every change can easily be reset to the standard form.

Each modification is of the highest quality and looks like it could have come from the Land Rover factory. The basis for this build is a 2020 Defender 110 SE with the 3.0L I6 engine, optionally with a rear locker and the Terrain Response 2 system.

Defender 2 With 35 inch tires

First and foremost was the mission to mount massive 35-inch mud tires under the new Defender. This was not an easy task and required some serious knowledge, ingenuity, industry connections, and trial and error. In the end, Lucky8 managed to fit Atturo Trail Blade MT tires in the format 35 x 12.5 x 18 on 18-inch wheels from Tuff Ant.


To do this, the rear brake calipers were first exchanged for smaller units in order to adapt them to the smaller wheels (the New Defender with the large engine has 19 or 20 inch wheels).

Next came a set of proud Rhino lift rods for a 2.5 inch lift that retained all of the air suspension functions. A bit of lower bumper trim and custom fender mounts leave just enough room in the wheel arches for the new treads. And in order to open these wheel arches a little, Lucky8 also had to move the front intercoolers.

Serious off-road ability


Thirty-five inch aggressive MT tires will get you plenty of space. But Lucky8 has not stopped this adventurous construction in the field.

At the front, the Proud Rhino Defender 2 has a hidden winch rest with a WARN ZEON 10-S winch, which is equipped with a Factor55 Fairlead and UltraHook. And a Land Rover snorkel ensures that fresh, clean, and cool air flows to the engine.

Proud Rhino Rock Sliders protect the side panels from obstacles, while a Land Rover Fender Flare Kit includes the wide mud tires.

In addition, the new Defender has a Land Rover roof rack with TRED Pros, a Krazy Beaver shovel, a hi-lift jack and two canisters. A Proud Rhino rear ladder provides easy access to the roof rack.

There is also a custom Proud Rhino light bar mount in front of the luggage rack on the roof. It includes four large Baja Designs LP9 off-road driving lights that are sure to light up the night.

Lucky8 Proud Rhino Defender 2 Build

Lucky8 Proud Rhino Defender 2

Construction of the Lucky8 Proud Rhino Defender 2 began as a base truck valued at $ 68,000 and received upgrades valued at around $ 20,000. That puts this build at around $ 88,000 for replication – a number that is actually less than some Defenders with factory options.

Lucky8 will sell you the parts to make most of the upgrades you see on this Proud Rhino Defender 2 build, or they can do full builds for you in their store outside of Buffalo.

Will a new off-road oriented Defender find its way into your driveway?

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