Get to know the new generation of modern explorers

It’s hard to say exactly what adventure looks like these days. And that’s good. Instagram, #Vanlife, the rise of glamping, and adventurous brands like HIRSCH Selected Whiskey, which is sponsoring a new group of explorers (like Charles Post and Rodrigo Trevino below), have all helped change the landscape. There is also an explosion of various adventure and outdoor oriented communities, nonprofits, and groups. The result is that finding your people, finding inspiration, and finding your own taste for adventure has never been easier. Don’t you believe us? Here are four explorers navigating the world in their own ways and on their own terms.

Charles Post: The Ecology Evangelist

Charles Post finds it difficult to describe what he does for a living. He is a trained ecologist, but also a filmmaker, writer, photographer and founder of a non-profit organization. The common theme that unites all of his work: connecting people with the natural world around them.

Because of this, he co-founded The Nature Project, which works with professional athletes to teach underserved children the joy of going outside. That’s why he’s made award-winning films about birds of prey and bighorn sheep that people actually want to see. Even his Instagram should get people excited about nature. “I like to show hunters or surfers that the migration patterns of butterflies are very radical,” says Post, “and to distill complicated topics in such a way that they can be shared over a drink.”

Regardless of what project Post is working on, it all boils down to building a deeper relationship with nature. And for that, he says, you just have to look around more closely. “Get to know the names of the animals around you. Learn five birds that visit your yard. You will be amazed at the joy this knowledge will arouse. “

Kalen Thorien: The Eternal Beginner

It all started for Kalen Thorien with skiing. Although she didn’t start until she was 16, by her twenties she had established herself as one of the hardest-charged professional skiers in the game. Soon after, she realized that she’d love to do other things – fly fishing, backpacking, riding badass motorcycles – as well as skiing.

A few years ago she reinvented herself as a multisport adventurer. “One summer my goal was to wake up in a tent as often as possible,” says Thorien. “I do rafting, backpacking, exploring the Grand Canyon … I call it my ‘summer of love’. “This year Thorien is again changing his trajectory, giving up a static home for life in a 4×4 rig and switching from road riding. centered Harley Davidsons for trail-ready dual sport motorcycles. “Reinventing yourself is important for every explorer, whether you get paid for it or not,” says Thorien. “You think you have an idea of ​​what you want to do. Then you have an evening with your friends and you have a better idea and you go for it. “

HIRSCH_Naomi3_h(Photo: Noami Grevemberg: @irietoaurora)

Noami Grevemberg: The #vanlife Inclusivity Advocate

Freedom and ever changing landscapes are great. But for Noami Grevemberg, who has lived full-time in her van since 2016, it always comes back to people. “We live in a 35-year-old Volkswagen, so we break down a lot. Strangers fixed our van, offered us food, were so kind and generous when we were on the lowest level. I’ve learned to trust people … it changes you. “

So much so that in 2019 Grevemberg founded Diversify Vanlife, a platform that serves to reinforce little-heard voices in the nomadic world. “There is a large part of our community that does not fit the narrative you see in the mainstream media,” says Grevemberg, adding that it is not just minorities, genders and sexual orientations that are overlooked, but people with lower tax brackets also. “The way vanlife is portrayed right now feels like gentrification in a way. How do we make room for someone who can’t afford the $ 60,000 rig? There are so many ways to practice nomadism and all of these stories deserve to be told. ”


Rodrigo Trevino: The Horizon Hunter

Rodrigo Trevino has a plan. Once the professional photographer has turned his Chevy Silverado 2500 into an off-road camper, he heads south to surf Baja for a few months. “Maybe swim with the whale sharks,” he says. Or he goes north to surf and hike the Pacific Northwest. The direction is not important. It is important that he is on the road and does not have a strict itinerary. “I want to be guided by the weather. My photography is more organic when I let the flow take me away. “

The key to Trevino was figuring out how to get into this river. He had a more traditional job for years (he worked at Avis Rent A Car) but felt trapped. “When I finally got out on the street, I felt like a dog in a dog park on a leash.” And while he’s been following that feeling ever since. These days, he’s as likely to be backpacking or glamping as he is in his off-road camper, shooting for brands like Blundstone and Paka Apparel. “I’m lucky enough to have the job that I have,” he says. “But people don’t have to go that far to find adventure. You can find adventure 30 minutes away or just down the street. Just go out. ”


Be your own inspiration and win big

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Founded by AH HIRSCH in 1974, HIRSCH Selected Whiskey continues to pursue new and unique expressions of whiskey as a modern explorer would pursue their horizons. The latest offering – an adventurous, forward-looking take on straight bourbon – is a love letter to the modern explorer pursuing uncharted territory.

Main photo: Rachel Pohl

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