Gold Enriched Feathers: Allied Down’s New Fast Drying Expertise

Credit: Allied feathers + down

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Allied Feather + Down skips the chemical-laden DWR coatings for its brand new down product Expedry, which permanently binds gold nanoparticles to down clusters to reduce the drying time of the down.

Allied teamed up with FUZE Biotech to develop Expedry. By using gold nanoparticles, the technology increases the rate of evaporation of water at the molecular level without the need for heat.

This new solution works differently than traditional DWR treatments, which act as hydrophobic agents and make water pearl. Once the chemical solution is saturated, it cannot accelerate the drying process, while Expedry can dry almost twice as fast as chemically treated down and up to 60% faster than untreated down.

The gold also gives the down anti-fungal properties; it stimulates water molecules and causes them to evaporate faster, which in turn makes the down inhospitable to fungi.

The new Expedry technology, the first of its kind in the industry, was announced on January 26th and is now available to all allied partner brands.

Allies: “Continuous dry environment”

According to Allied, the improved drying speed means that users use less energy to dry products in traditional dryers and condenser dryers and enjoy better air drying performance outdoors.

With prolonged exposure in humid climates such as extreme treks and long expeditions, the heat loss is mainly due to the accumulation of fungus and the loss of down soil due to direct exposure to water. Down treated with Expedry can achieve an evaporation rate in excess of the absorption rate, creating an inhospitable, continuously dry environment for fungi, even in damp, snow-covered environments.

“This project has been at the top of our priority and development phase for years,” said Daniel Uretsky, president of Allied Feather + Down in Los Angeles. “Not because it could help someone climb an 8,000 m summit faster, but because it makes it easier for more people to access the descent.”

A better solution for condenser dryers

According to Allied, the Expedry makes maintenance and drying easier for the European market, which relies on condenser dryers, while using less energy to dry the products. This is a sustainable benefit that removes chemicals from the equation.

Andrew Peterson, FUZE’s chief technology officer, said working with Allied brought them to study gold nanoparticles and hopes to see “exciting implications that extend well beyond the apparel industry.”

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