Greater than 100 volunteers cart trash out of White Mountain Nationwide Forest

People are getting outside this summer to take socially distant walks on the beach or go on hikes – anything to get outdoors. But many people who visit scenic areas are noticing trash is piling up.

More than 100 people worked together to try to change that in the White Mountain National Forest.

“I was seeing a lot of posts about trash,” said an organizer of the event. She called on hiking communities on social media to help clean up New Hampshire’s beloved trails.

Hikers found everything from t-shirts to tires, metal scraps and subwoofers. Teams of up to four checked in at at Mount Washington Observatory Weather Discovery Center in Conway and in Lincoln for a day of trekking and cleanup.

“We chose the more loved areas that are easier to get to because you find, like 3 or 4 miles in 4,000 feet up, you don’t find that much trash obviously and the hikers usually pick that up so it’s great. So we went to the waterfalls and things that get a lot of visitors,” she said. “I would say that we probably had between 275 to 315 pounds collected.”

The hundreds of pounds of trash is off to be destroyed. An incinerator service volunteered to do that for free.



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