Greatest Simple Day Hikes in Phoenix: 5 Enjoyable, Scenic Climbing Trails for Freshmen or Superior

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It’s the time of year we all want to be outside in Arizona. The desert, which has been so cruel for so long, greets us again with open arms. If the summer blast furnace heat kept you off the trails for months, it’s time to relax. Start with some easy ways to get yourself back into hiking shape.

Just don’t let the rating undercut their attractions.

Even trails that are considered simple rewards alert hikers in a myriad of ways. Each of these five trails offers the full desert experience. Watch out for wildlife and enjoy plenty of mild winter sunshine. Enjoy the great view and admire the saguaros, which are as tall as office buildings. It’s all worth getting out and walking around for a while.

For example, everyone should take a stroll on the Jane Rau Trail to commemorate one of the people who led efforts to establish the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

Jane Rau is a longtime local activist and educator. The path that bears her name leads through a picturesque wash in the nature reserve, punctuated by tall saguaros and boulders. Browns Mountain, a sloping hump rising from the desert floor, and the gentle precision of neighboring Cone Mountain add vertical notes to the skyline.

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