Gun racks, canine kennels and extra: win the Can-Am Final Waterfowl

The mud-fighting Defender Max X MR comes with a Mossy Oak wrap, gun racks, and kennel to create a purpose-built side-by-side waterfowl hunt. Now you can head straight into the honey hole to set up your bait.

Building waterfowl is another way the brand is showcasing custom options Available with the Defender series UTVs. You may have already seen the Defender Max Limited HD10 for modified Highland huntingCan-Am built this model side by side from the traction-driven Defender Max X MR, the brand’s workhorse for bogus, relentless conditions.

The Can-Am Defender comes in multiple packages that buyers can specify for a variety of different uses. Land trucks, trail riders, and hunters can customize their builds with the racks, bumpers, and lights they want.

Discover the Can-Am Defender Max X MR

Can the Defender X MR light up?

Muddy workhorse

The base Can-Am Defender Max X MR starts at $ 22,000. It’s the brand’s largest UTV for sloppy terrain, has room for six, 15 inches of ground clearance and a front differential with MUD mode.

Powered by a Rotax HD10 V-twin engine, the Defender Max can pull 1,300 pounds and pull up to 2,500 pounds. There’s also a 4,500-pound winch to pull tree stumps and other obstacles out of the dirt.

Inside, a 7.6-inch digital display tracks common readings such as speed, fuel, and mileage, and has indicators for 4 × 4 mode, differential locks, and engine diagnostics.

Can-Am Defender: Ultimate Waterfowl UTV

To get things into the swamp, Can-Am worked with several duck hunting organizations and brands, including Gunner Kennels, Ducks Unlimited, Mossy Oak, Quack Rack, Lifetime Decoys, and others. Performance add-ons include a snorkel kit, lighting, bumpers, and extra racks for storing bait. And the suspension and tire upgrades should tame some of the ups and downs of the swamp.

Custom Mossy Oak wrap gun racks and a dog kennel round off the hunting-specific features. The Ultimate Waterfowl UTV is estimated to be worth $ 40,000 to build.

Can-Am Defender Max X MR Technical specifications

  • Quack Rack Elite Series Racks
  • Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo Vehicle Wrap
  • 32 ”EFX MotoVater tires and fuel UTV wheelset
  • S3 Power Sports +2 ”A-arms forward and HD springs
  • Stingray LED lights
  • Can-Am complete overhead audio system
  • Can-Am Flip Windshield
  • Can-Am snorkel kit and extension
  • Can-Am front and rear bumpers
  • Can-Am half doors
  • Gunner Kennels

May red lights on Defender Max X MR

Win this rig

Ducks Unlimited is giving away this special water bird machine at the opening Ducks Unlimited Expo (DUX), currently scheduled for June 25-27 at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas.

Details of the raffle are not yet known, but there are plans to sell tickets to consumers in the exhibitor village. There, the event staff from Ducks Unlimited sell raffle tickets and announce the winner on the last day of the fair.

Go ahead with the Can-Am Defender Max X MR

Getting to your favorite duck hunting spot should prove to be easier with this powerful UTV. And whether or not these particular waterfowl accessories meet your specific needs, they showcase the many ways you can customize a Can-Am to suit your needs. You can find more styles of the Defender on the brand’s website.

Discover the Can-Am Defender Max X MR

This article is sponsored by Can-Am. Learn more about the new Can-Am Defender Max Limited Here.

Can be featured on Defender Max

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