Gunner Kennels Kids’ Snack Crate saves both dinner and day


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A lockable, child-resistant snack crate from Gunner Kennels promises to keep your kids from snacking too much throughout the day.

Modern parents might try to feed their children healthy meals. But fruit snacks, cheese balls, and other – more tempting – snacks can often ruin their efforts.

Fortunately, a company that makes both kennels and food storage devices has created a new option for overworked parents.

Following the example of the Gunner Kennels Dog food crateThe Kids’ Snack Crate is available in an eye-catching color and design designed to outsmart tiny hands.

The brand’s team of tiny engineers worked tirelessly on the effort. Fortunately, this is exactly how the product hit the shelves First of April turned the corner.

Catch the whole video and lots of laughs at the top.

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Nicole Qualtieri

By Nicole Qualtieri

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