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A few weeks ago, motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson announced its spin-off bicycle brand Serial 1 Cycle Company. A first look at the new e-bike models is now here.

When you think of Harley-Davidson, You probably think of leather jackets, shiny chrome parts, and that iconic V-twin engine and that throaty roar. But now Harley is shifting gears to bring a completely different type of bike to market: an e-bike.

In October, the brand announced it would make e-bikes but did not reveal any details. Now the juicy specifications for Serial 1 The first four models are finally here.

Models include RUSH / CTY (the flagship commuter model), RUSH / CTY SPEED, RUSH / STEP-THROUGH, and MOSH / CTY.

The first line of Pedal Assistant E-Bikes from Serial 1 has mid-motors, Gates carbon drive belts, integrated batteries, integrated LED lighting as well as pedal and walking assistance functions.

Series 1 e-bikes

Series 1 e-bikes: first 2021 models

The MOSH / CITY bike is Serial 1’s single-speed urban bike. The 250 W motor reaches a top speed of 32 km / h (with assistance). The 529 Wh battery is fully charged in 4 hours and 45 minutes. The range is between 35 and 105 miles, depending on the mode and terrain.

The RUSH / CTY is a fully equipped commuter with an odometer display, storage compartment, disc brakes with four pistons and a brake calliper as well as an automatically shifting hub. Thanks to a more powerful 706 Wh battery (which takes 6.5 hours to be fully charged) it can reach a top speed of 20 mph and a longer range of 115 miles.

The RUSH / STEP-THROUGH is similar to the RUSH model, but has a smaller 529 Wh battery (up to 90 miles range) and a redesigned step-through frame.

Last but not least, the RUSH / CTY SPEED which gives you up to 45 km / h of electric pedal assistance for an additional $ 500 (with the same 706 Wh battery and no extra weight). For this purpose, Serial 1 upgraded the motor to a Brose TF Mag.

The models range in price from $ 3,399 for the MOSH to $ 4,999 for the RUSH / CTY SPEED model (a boost from 20 to 28 mph).

The first models will be delivered in March 2021. You can find the latest updates here Here.

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