Hate crowds? This merchandising machine is presumably one of the simplest ways to buy

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An outdoor gear brand just launched a great idea to help out vacation shoppers.

Believe it or not, the vacation is in full swing. Shops are crowded, lots of products are behind, and the postal service is still dealing with delays. Thankfully, an outdoor brand has a great personal but contactless alternative.

This month in Colorado Sierra Designs created its first vending machine point of sale. And it seems like the perfect way to shop during a pandemic. The vending machine offers outdoor equipment like inflatable storage pillows, Down boots, and Belt bags. In addition, the brand offers clothing such as t-shirts, jackets, hats and more.

Sierra designs equipment giftsA selection of Sierra Designs vending machine gifts

Sierra Designs gear machine

For what it’s worth, the concept isn’t entirely new. Several current brands jumped on board to provide equipment for runners in major cities along the way (think electrolytes, first aid items, etc.). And University bikes in Boulder has a 24/7 Vending machine for bicycle accessories like pipes, tools, lubricants, and energy bars.

There’s Portland too Chrome Industrieswhich also took up the idea of ​​take-away retail this year and installed its own vending machine in southeast Portland. At the moment it is currently equipped Face masks, but Chrome plans to restock with bike bags and gifts.

You can find the Sierra Designs gift machine in the brand’s Christmas display until January 1st Stanley Marketplace in Denver. Gifts range from $ 25 to $ 80.

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