Have a good time the nationwide “Take a Hike Day” on November 17th, 2020

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It’s time to celebrate Mother Nature, so lace up your hiking boots, lace your dog, grab some water and a snack, and get ready on the National Take a Hike Day Tuesday November 17, 2020 on the way.

This day is hosted by the American Hiking Society, whose mission is to envision a world where everyone feels part of the hiking community and has permanent access to meaningful hiking experiences, be it in the city, on the foothills, or in the countryside Backland.

“We’re excited to partner with the American Hiking Society,” says local Recreation Director Judith Sumner as we celebrate National Take A Hike Day. “All of our goals are to promote a local mindset that encourages people to explore the hidden paths and neighborhoods of their city.”

Sumner said hiking sounds like an intimidating task that involves a long drive to a distant location. “However, we have local parks and trails near your neighborhood that are the perfect place to take in the great outdoors.”

“Because gyms are not always available due to the pandemic, people can only get their exercise outdoors,” Sumner said. “You can run outside, take a leisurely stroll, climb tree trunks and even exercise physically on a trail.”

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