Here’s when to go camping in England again after Lockdown in 2021

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On Monday, February 22nd, the Prime Minister announced a roadmap for the lockdown. But when can you go camping again? Here are the most important dates you need to know to determine when to camp in 2021.

The government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy is based on several phases. It is important to understand that each stage depends on infection and hospital stay numbers and projections.

If these numbers continue to decrease in the expected manner due to the ongoing lockdown measures and the increased introduction of vaccinations, each phase will be carried out at a specified time.

The best post lockdown stays here in the UK

Stage 2 – April 12, 2021

In addition to reopening unnecessary retail stores, gyms, and outdoor hospitality, self-catering accommodations may reopen on April 12 with no shared facilities. This includes independent campsites and caravan parks.

Roadmap for Covid-19 Recovery UK Camping

This means that some campsites and caravan parks will reopen from April 12th, but will likely open with no common areas like toilet blocks and showers.

It is therefore imperative that you have your own camp toilet and washing facilities that you can take with you. Check out our guide to choosing a portable camping toilet.

All camping and caravan parks and hotels should be open from May 17, 2021 until the 3rd stage.

Post lock camping basics to stay clean in campsites with closed facilities

Another missed Easter is a big blow to self-caterers and campsites facing a second Easter due to the pandemic. This means that families who leave frequently during the Easter holidays are now forced to crowd around the holidays in the main summer season, and accommodation is likely to become increasingly scarce and even more expensive due to high demand.

Shell, editor of Camping with Style, said:

“My advice at this point would be to plan ahead and book something as soon as possible. I’ve already seen indications of price increases for self-catering accommodation. With some campsites already fully booked in July and August, the wait is likely to result in disappointment.

If you are still unsure, choose a location that only requires a small deposit. If you plan to camp in April / May make sure you have checked that facilities are open ready to take your own camp loo and shower.

For those looking for a camping, glamping, or self-catering vacation in the summer, now is the time to plan ahead to make sure you don’t miss out later in the year. “

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