Higher Life By way of Knowledge: The InsideTracker Blood Check Exhibits More healthy Life-style

InsideTracker wants to help you achieve your health and wellness goals based on your personal information. Save 25% on your unique plan now.

It starts with your blood. From there, InsideTracker’s patented algorithm and system provides comprehensive analysis and tracks biomarker data from your blood, DNA, lifestyle and fitness. This will give you a science-based plan of action with diet and fitness recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

The InsideTracker platform is a guide that will give you a clearer picture of what is going on in your body. You can even discover the true biological age of your body – yours InnerAge – and make simple changes to live longer, healthier lives.

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Take action with the InsideTracker Essentials plan


Driven by you. And science.

InsideTracker was founded in 2009 by leading aging, genetics and biometric scientists from MIT, Tufts and Harvard. From those beginnings, the brand has developed its mission: “To improve the health of people everywhere so they can live longer, healthier lives – and add life and life to their years.”

To create your ultra-personalized plan, all you need to do is get blood drawn at a local laboratory, have a fingerprint test done with your home kit, or upload your existing blood test results from your doctor.

From there, answer a few simple lifestyle, habit, and diet questions to help lay the groundwork for your individual “plan of action”. This plan contains science-based recommendations for diet, fitness, and lifestyle changes based on your specific goals. The platform even includes content, recipes, and a grocery shopping list.

The InsideTracker Essentials plan analyzes twelve important biomarkers and provides personalized areas for each biomarker so that you can reach the optimal zone.

If you’re interested in adding more accuracy and personalization to your recommendations, feel free to add that InsideTracker DNA Kit Plan and leverage the basics of both genetic potential and real-time blood data. The Easy-at-Home-DNA-Kit analyzes 261 genetic biomarkers to get insights into up to 29 different wellness traits like weight, sleep, aging, performance and food sensitivity.

InsideTracker also offers a new iOS companion mobile app that lets you integrate physical marker data from your fitness tracker, including sleep and resting heart rate, for a real-time and holistic picture of your health and wellbeing.


InsideTracker Essentials plan

The Essentials plan is a gateway to the InsideTracker platform. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A science-based plan of action with recommendations for changes in your diet, exercise, and lifestyle
  • Focus on 12 key markers related to general wellbeing, metabolism, sleep, and energy
  • A nutritional database with over 7,500 foods to improve specific biomarker values
  • Food preparation, shopping list and recipe instructions

What really sets the InsideTracker platform apart is that it is aimed at those who want to expand their health spans and gain actionable insights to help them get to their optimal selves.

In short, you will be given a detailed plan created specifically for you and your body that the brand says is to achieve your highest potential and performance goals.

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Take action with the InsideTracker Essentials plan


This article is sponsored by InsideTracker. Learn more about the brand’s research and technology Here.

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