Higher Resort Runs: Seasonal Gear Aero Snowboard Assessment

The Season Equipment Aero Snowboard is ideal for hard-packed slopes. At the end of the day, I was driving better than I had in years.

As I slid off the lift and buckled into the Season Equipment Aero Snowboard, I was dizzy with excitement. It’s not every day that I test equipment designed by a professional snowboarder who is also my friend.

Austin Smith co-founded Season Equipment, a new ski and snowboard company, along with Eric Pollard, a professional freeride skier, artist and filmmaker (see his latest amazing film) Here).

Smith, who has been riding since he was ten, is responsible for all boards. And Pollard, who turned pro when he was 15, is responsible for all skiing.

I took the new one Seasonal equipment aero snowboard ($ 499) on some snow groomers to see how it works. Short answer? I am excited about it.

Seasonal equipment: a perfect team

Unlike many ski and snowboard companies (e.g. K2 and Salomon), where the two categories are oil and water, Smith and Pollard work very well together.

While they see the differences between descending on two boards and one, they also see many similarities in where their focus is.

Multiple plank options

As someone who has gone from skiing to snowboarding, telemarking, back to skiing and then back to snowboarding, I appreciate what Smith and Pollard do.

Season Equipment offers three options: the Aero, Nexus, and Shape. These not only encompass many types of skiing and riding, but are also available in one- and two-plank variants. I love the idea of ​​going out with my husband who is a skier and having a similar experience even though I’m on a board.

Strive for sustainability

However, what impressed me the most was the fact that the brand’s equipment comes with full service. Wait what Yes, that was my reaction too. Each plank comes with unlimited free machine wax, an annual optimization and a 30% discount on additional repair services.

But there is a catch: you have to live near one evo Shop to get full service. Season Equipment’s goal is to create a product that will last forever. There won’t be “new” color schemes or designs at any time of the year that will make people crave the latest and greatest in equipment. Instead, Smith and Pollard want to create a product that spans decades.

“Don’t tell me how you like it now. Let me know in 2040 and I’ll know how we did it, ”said Smith.

First look: Aero snowboard seasonal equipment

Seasonal equipment aero board

As a rider with more than 20 years of experience, my passion for snowboarding has waned for many reasons. And to be honest, after spending the last few winters in New Zealand, I thought my skill had hit a permanent plateau. After riding the Aero, however, my fire was stoked – and the riding flame is high.

Depending on the season it is Aero board was developed for riding in the resort as it is great for hard packed slopes. I could tell immediately when I drove off.

While it went great in deep powder, I could feel the difference in his performance as soon as I hit the freshly groomed runs. Going from edge to edge felt like a beautiful, effortless dance. And the more time I had on the board, the more self-confidence I gained.

At the end of the day, I felt like I was tearing off harder lines and even walking over tiny cracks and lips – something I haven’t done in years.

Season equipment equipment specifications

Success in charting

If you look at the brand websiteAll technical data for every board and ski is displayed in comprehensive, easily digestible tables. There is also an entire section that compares all boards and skis with each other, with both charts and graphs.

As an equipment reviewer, user, and visual learner, I enjoyed this. At a glance, I learned a lot about each board and what each did differently. I could tell that some great time and effort has been put into it.

The aero board is the stiffest and narrowest of the three boards, which makes it an obvious choice for those who love to ride on hard snow and aren’t big fans of too much flex in their board. Despite being the stiffest board I’ve ridden in a while, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and firmly I could cut through the trees and bomb off the slopes.

Seasonal equipment equipment

Size range & inclusivity

As a short person (5’1 “and 110 pounds), I love the size range of boards. They go back to 145 and 160. But what I value most is the gender inclusiveness.

Just like Season’s ethos of finding and highlighting the similarities between snowboarders and skiers, the brand does not make gender-specific gear. While I like my women-specific gear in other sports, I see this as an area where division isn’t necessary.

Overall, at the end of the day, I was more than happy with that Aero board And all the places that I could go It reinvigorated my love for snowboarding and gave me hope for outdoor brands. This is not just a new ski and snowboard company. It’s one that hopes to change the world of outdoor consumers as we know it.

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