Hikers discover message dropped by service pigeon in 1910

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A couple wandering in northeastern France came across an unusual historical artifact – a carrier pigeon message from 110 years earlier. Jade Halaoui said he was hiking with his partner in the Ingersheim area when they discovered a tiny aluminum cylinder on the floor.

“I dug it up and cut it to see what was inside,” Halaoui recalled.

Inside was a small piece of paper with a message the couple couldn’t make out. They took it to the Linge Memorial Museum, where curator Dominique Jardy enlisted the help of a German-speaking friend to translate the little script.

The message of July 16, which is believed to be from 1910, was written by a Prussian infantry officer and contains details of military exercises in the Ingersheim region when Alsace was under German control.

Jardy said the aluminum capsule was believed to have been dropped by the carrier pigeon tasked with delivering it to its intended recipient. Jardy said the discovery was extremely unusual.

“It’s really, very, very rare,” he told CNN. “It’s really extraordinary.” He said the message was now being displayed in the museum.


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