In 2021, Helinox will provide extra alternatives to take a seat comfortably outside

Helinox, the world’s leading brand for ultra-light, highly portable garden furniture, expanded its range in 2021. New models will be available from spring, including expansions to the seating collection, insulated products, and storage and carrying accessories.

Helinox Speed ​​Stool – £ 74.95

Helinox Speed ​​Stool - £ 75

This ultra-light stool almost assembles itself. Weighing in at just 470g and having a capacity of 100kg, it’s an extremely portable and practical option to add a little bit of luxury and convenience when packing bikes or a day out on the hills. It stows in a small pocket that is easy to stow and takes seconds to set up or put away.

The Helinox Speed ​​Stool is ideal for a lunch break, a break to enjoy the view, or other outdoor activities where seating can be useful.

Helinox Incline Festival Chair – £ 89.95

Helinox Incline Festival Chair

When outdoor events return, the Helinox Incline Festival Chair is the ideal companion. This large bucket seat has a capacity of 145 kg and offers plenty of space to be comfortable while enjoying entertainment on the big stage, soaking up the atmosphere or staring gazing.

The short legs can be adapted to the slope of the floor or a preferred seat angle can be set. The Incline Festival Chair weighs only 1.36 kg and can be stowed in a neat carrying bag with a practical shoulder strap.

Helinox Cozy Range – £ 40- £ 120

Helinox Comfortable range

Helinox has expanded its Cozy range of insulated products for 2021
Made from 100% recycled polyester insulation and outer fabrics.

The new models include the Bloncho and Toasty, which were developed together with the popular Seat Warmer for use with Helinox chairs. The Helinox Bloncho (£ 69.95) is a blanket and poncho in one that stays on when you move around and stays in place when you sit down.

The Helinox Toasty (£ 119.95) is available in versions to match the Sunset / Beach and Savanna / Playa chairs. Once attached, the toasty provides all-round warmth, which is reinforced by fleece-lined “ceiling wings” and a removable hood that doubles as a pillow. All Helinox Cozy products are machine washable.

The Helinox 2021 collection will be available from spring on and from selected UK retailers.

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