Indiahikes opens a western campus close to Karjat in Maharashtra

W.We are happy to announce that we have opened a beautiful Indiahikes western campus in the Sahyadris of the Karjat region, Maharashtra.

To be honest, we have been looking for a good campus for our experiential learning programs for a long time. But that wasn’t the only reason. We also wanted a campus where we could run our special programs for families and children.

You may know that we work with several B schools and educational institutions and bring them to the Himalayas for our experiential learning program. Our country’s top management institutions (including IIMs) have made it part of their curriculum.

On the other hand, we always asked for a campus near Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru.

That is why we have been looking for a western campus for some time. We wanted something that would make a good experiential learning program. It had to be in the middle of nature, in the mountains, and have good road connections.

When we were exploring this campus in Karjat which is on the grounds of Vijaybhoomi University, we really took care of it. It is surrounded by hills on all sides – hills that jut right out of our campsite. There are some beautiful hiking trails within walking distance of our campus, some popular too. There’s also a lake, creeks, waterfalls, forests, it’s all there!

That’s why we immediately decided to continue. It is a wonderful place for educational institutions in the west of our country to promote experiential learning.

We are also very pleased with our collaboration with Vijaybhoomi University. They have global experience in management education – professors from around the world will also be part of our experiential learning programs.

Our western campus is surrounded by hills on all sides. There are some nice hiking trails within walking distance. There’s also a lake, creeks, waterfalls, forests, it’s all there!

Before we start our full-fledged programs on this campus, we would like to give him a special inauguration.

Therefore we would like to invite you today to our first Family Trek on our Western Campus in January!

We know this will be special because when a family migrates with their children, the positive effects are greatly amplified. Working with your family and others, doing the special activities that have been designed, has a huge impact on everyone.

We have seen great changes in families. This time you are invited to experience it on our new western campus.

It’s a two and a half day program that begins January 8th. We will be hiking and camping for two nights, along with special experimental learning activities. Given that this is a sprawling campus spanning 210 acres, with forests and lakes all around, expect all activities to take place in the middle of this wilderness.

A rough route of the weekend learning program on our western campus:

Day 1 (January 8th): Reach our western campus by 4 p.m. in your own vehicle (here is the exact location for your reference). Meet the Indiahikes team on the Western Campus and start your program. You spend the night at the campsite.

Day 2 (January 9th): A full day trek to Kothaligad / Bhimashankar based on the age group of the team. The evening is at the lake with a few learning activities.

Day 3 (January 10th): Hike to Budla. Return by lunch. Leave campus and return to your home after lunch.

This will be an exclusive experiential learning program for families coming to our western campus.

The view of the short hike to Budla that you will do on the 3rd day

For whom is it suitable?

We have room for about 6 families in this group. Children between 12 and 17 years of age can also take part in the program without their parents being accompanied.

It is suitable for everyone in Pune, Mumbai and the surrounding cities as our western campus is almost equidistant from these major cities (approx. 100 km).

Even if you do not live near Maharashtra, this program can be your choice. Any outdoor lover will love the campus and the program we have.

To learn more about the cost and other details, visit this page – https://indiahikes.com/western-campus-karjat-maharashtra-treks/#gref

On another point, if you are part of an educational institution …

If you are part of an educational institution in the western part of our country and want to include outdoor learning in your curriculum, this is a wonderful opportunity for you.

The real knowledge you get from nature and especially from trekking cannot be replaced by lessons. The best educational institutions in our country (IIM Indore, Bangalore, Lucknow and others) have recognized this need and added it as part of their curriculum.

Experiential learning is about the future. The new national education policy has made it a compulsory part of an institution’s curriculum. So now is a good time to get a head start.

If you’d like to advance our experiential learning program in your facility, please let me know by replying to this email. I will put you in touch with the head of our experiential learning department.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment. We’re here to help!

We look forward to welcoming you to our Western Campus!

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