Indiahikes opens hikes to the 2 largest meadows in India – Ali-Bedni and Gidara Bugyal

W.We opened the Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek and the Gidara Bugyal Trek.

These are treks that don’t require an introduction to the trekking community. They have often been touted as the best high altitude meadow hikes in our country.

Before I can go into the details of these walks, however, I need to give you some background.

Meadow tours are not common in India. In contrast to western countries, there are no large areas of meadow or grassland in India. So when we come across meadows on our hikes, we celebrate them like a blessing.

That is why we at Indiahikes are always looking for the best meadow hikes. Fortunately, we were able to draw attention to some of the biggest. Dayara bugyal is easily one of them. That’s how it is Bhrigu Lake Trek in Himachal.

Today I want to talk to you about two of the greatest that we’re bringing out. The Ali-Bedni Bugyal hike (in March April) and the Guide Bugyal Trek (June).

The Ali-Bedni Bugyal isn’t really a new hike – it was part of the Roopkund hike for years. Since the Roopkund hike has been closed for many years, the twin meadows of Ali and Bedni Bugyal were unfortunately lost due to Indian trekking.

What makes Ali Bedni Bugyal so special?

We have seen many meadows in our country (and outside our country) but I tell you this – Ali and Bedni’s meadows will be some of the best.

It is difficult to spot a mistake in these meadows. Just before you get to the Ali Meadows, the forest is a dense oak jungle. They are the densest in this part of Uttarakhand. You climb through a trail of crispy brown leaves, with the sunlight streaming through the oaks at lovely angles.

Then suddenly, as if someone had opened a gate, Ali Bugyal stands in front of you, the largest and widest meadows you have ever seen. The meadows are so smooth that you can take off your shoes and walk on them. You see wild horses running around in gay devotion!

Abin Kharak’s new campsite gives us the opportunity to be in Ali Bugyal when the sun goes down and the first light of dawn breaks.

As the meadows swell in the distance, so will the The peaks of Mount Trishul and Mount Nanda Ghunti tower over the meadowsas if the meadows were their own playground. On a clear day, you can see every crevice and crevice on the face of Mt. Trishul from Ali Top.

In a quiet moment I saw hikers stop on their tracks, somehow at a loss and surprise at this unexpected view, and then a wave of emotions rides towards them in an almost incomprehensible way. Some just break down and cry.

Our new campsite near Ali Bugyal at Abin Kharak excited all of us at Indiahikes. At the edge of the forest, right on the edge of Ali Bugyal, we have the opportunity to be in Ali Bugyal when the sun goes down and the first light of dawn breaks. We have never seen the sun rise and set on Ali Bugyal – we believe these are moments that any trekker will cherish.

When do we run this hike: From mid-March to the end of April

What to Expect This Season: You will see patches of snow by the first week of April. Beautiful spring colors in the woods. Except that after our campsite in Ghairoli Patal a lot of rhododendron blooms. Clear weather with a wonderful mountain view.

Difficulty: Moderate (you travel approximately 6-7 km per day). It’s also a steep climb to the meadows.

Duration: 6 days

Explore Ali-Bedni Bugyal Trek

Note: This will be a popular choice among trekkers. If you want the slots that suit you, plan your hike over the next two weeks.

What makes Gidara Bugyal so special?

Gidara Bugyalis only known in hardcore trekking circles. It’s a hike that everyone wants to do but never does – because of its seclusion. Hikers were rarely there.

However, if you asked me, Gidara would be the greatest of all of our meadow hikes. Not only is it the greatest of all that we have, but perhaps the most beautiful.

Gidara Bugyal Indiahikes

“I first heard of Gidara ten years ago when I was hiking with our local mountain people. You told me that with immense pride Sir yeh sab bugyalon zu theek hai, lekin Gidara jaisa bugyal abhi tak koi nahi dekha hai. At the time, I thought that they would probably stretch things out a bit, ”says Arjun Majumdar, our founder. “But the thought stayed with me.”

“It was a meadow that I had to see for myself. Or at least let Indiahikes explore it, ”says Arjun.

Gidara also brings us closer to some of the great mountains we know – Mt. Srikanth, Draupadi Ka Danda and the Gangotri Range.

This is how we explored Gidara Bugyal. I think we have explored different routes in these meadows almost 5-6 times – and all of our Trek Leaders have returned visually stunned. One of them, Nitesh Kumar, wrote This blog about 5 things he loved about the hike.

Geographically, Gidara is between Uttarkashi and Gangotri, but at a higher elevation than most of our other meadows (we touch nearly 13,500 feet on this hike). That is why the hike does not begin until June, when the snow has melted and we can approach the meadows.

Gidara also brings us closer to some of the great mountains we know – Mt. Srikanth, Draupadi Ka Danda and the Gangotri Range. The view of these mountains from the meadows can stun anyone.

Gidara has not been accessible for some time. It was always hidden in a corner that hikers rarely ventured into. With our repeated visits, we have now been able to determine a route that is most suitable for hikers.

When do we run this hike: Only 3 groups in June

What to Expect This Season: Lush meadows with flowers that bloom with every step. Warm days, cold nights with temperatures of 1 or 2 degrees.

Difficulty: Moderately difficult (the hike climbs over 13,000 feet). Expect 6-7 hours of trekking daily, the longest day being 10-11 hours

Duration: 7 days

Note: Gidara is easily our greatest meadow hike. Still, it has a downside. It is our highest meadow hike. The days on the hike are long too. This is a moderate hike and is not intended for beginners.

Discover the Bugyal Trek Guide

So these are two big treks that we opened in March, April and June.

These are not hikes that are as common as our other hikes. Hope you take this opportunity to explore.

Further information on both hikes can be found here again.

Ali Bedni Bugyal – https://indiahikes.com/ali-bedni-bugyal-trek/

Gidara Bugyal – https://indiahikes.com/gidara-bugyal

If you have any doubts, please add a comment on the same page. We’ll write back to you.

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